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#testicles Just doing my part to show that Google, for all their "we are open" crap are still censoring a word, they find offensive. I want other body parts censored too, also I want Bee Gees censored. That band offended me.
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It's a word that is widely perceived as offensive. That's the point. What point are you trying to make?
Its a medical term first off. Second off, what would you call "Widely perceived as offensive" Dont anwser that. The point is, nobody, including google gets to make that call. The community here has decided we want to talk about #testicles.
The community? That answer speaks volumes of your self image. So sad
What?? lol, ok before Google pulled #testilces it was the 4th treding topic in the world. WORLD. It had 1000s of posts a minute. Honestly, I could care less if you or anyone is offended by something I say or someone else says. Get over it. Its a word. Just like vagina,and penis. Now grow some #testicles and deal with it. :)
I honestly get the impression that you are exactly trying to compensate for lack of balls. I guess you feel real manly and brave because you can say words you think are dirty aloud. So what if a tiresome and childish word is trending in the world. I applaud Google for sparing me from the noise of the eternal teenagers of the world
I dont think its seem to think that. Its not a tiresome word (Do you know what that means even...) and its not a childish word (Balls, or nuts is, but this is a medical word.) People got this word trending to see how open and fast Google+ is, and then we all find out that Google has been lying about being open and free speech safe. At the end of day you can think and say what you want, thats why I love the internet, and google has taken away this basic right by censoring a word it finds offensive. Its not about the word, its about free speech and a little bit about showing funny pictures. A little bit. Mostly the free speech thing.
Google is not censoring the internet - as you very well know but still deliberately imply. They are simply making sure that the rules they set for their service are followed. As they are perfectly free to do. Can show me the exact place where anyone from Google says anything that contradicts what they are doing here?
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