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Watching Ghost in the Shell. Know what that means? Time to prep a Shadowrun campaign.

Ramadan! Yay, I was just getting bored out here.

Ok linux people, I'm looking to build a home server that can handle home automation and security functions (cameras, locks, alarms, etc), as well as network addressing and exterior gateway duties.  So far, looking at centOS, possibly plain Fedora. Input?

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I hope the NSA is reading this: we the people will not stand for this blatant disregard of our liberties.

I love it when people don't understand that you aren't supposed to torrent on satellite connections.

HTC one. Yay.

So, this bill, being sponsored anonymously, is trying to be pushed through Oregon legislature. While I certainly agree that our great state needs to put some kind of regulation on the use of UAS, especially the governments use of them, the text in bill is simply not the way to do it. This would make an immediate crime for simply possessing, let alone flying, a common commercial product, a toy, such as the Parrot drones.

Oregon is a largely rural state, but we also thrive on the technology industry. The technology industry is the cornerstone of Oregon's economic recovery. One of the fastest growing fields currently is unmanned drone technology.

Contrary to what some the-drones-are-coming-for-us-all nuts will you, There is a vast commercial market for the technology, especially in surveying, mapping, search and rescue, disaster relief coordination, the list goes on.

Oregon is set to become one of the national leaders in this field, and this bill will cripple that. The economic impact of Senate Bill 71 will be no less than the spotted owl fiasco. It's poorly thought out, and is simply bad for our state.

Text of the bill:

A very good article about it:

Just made an offer on a house. Yay?

I am very disappointed in the Converse boots I bought. Comfortable, but they're less than a year old and falling apart at the seams. Time to go back to Danners I think. 
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