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Now that's getting into the realms of wild and crazy cool Diamond Age-style DNA computing! 
DNA nanobots deliver drugs in living cockroaches aka : Universal computing by DNA origami robots in a living animal

It's a computer – inside a cockroach. Nano-sized entities made of DNA that are able to perform the same kind of logic operations as a silicon-based computer have been introduced into a living animal.

The DNA computers – known as origami robots because they work by folding and unfolding strands of DNA – travel around the insect's body and interact with each other, as well as the insect's cells. When they uncurl, they can dispense drugs carried in their folds.

"DNA nanorobots could potentially carry out complex programs that could one day be used to diagnose or treat diseases with unprecedented sophistication," says Daniel Levner, a bioengineer at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University.

#nanotechnology   #dnaorigami   #dnacomputing   #dna  +Gerd Moe-Behrens 
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"People with mood disorders often have disruptions in their circadian rhythms. Recent molecular genetics has linked circadian clock genes to mood disorders. Our objective was to study two core circadian clock genes, CRY1 and CRY2 as well as TTC1 that interacts with CRY2, in relation to depressive and anxiety disorders."
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Zack Czengoldi

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T. Rex is looking more like a snack here.
Comparing the Megalodon and Tyrannosaurus rex
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Zack Czengoldi

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+Trish Patterson check it!
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While creativity is fantastic, I will also enjoy pointing out, if only for myself, again, that creative brainstorming and capturing is fantastic, but the second, equally important part is making something amazing and world-improving by way of that fun, creative process. <shuts-off G+ and gets back to finishing today's 2000 word minimum>click :D</shuts-off>
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Need a good work soundtrack? This one I find very productivity making. But I like this sort of thing so YMMV.
Slam Radio - 010 - Alex Under
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Nice visual demo for cleaning up spreadsheet layouts to make them more legible/usable.
How to make your spreadsheets less terrible. #excel #tables
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Some great tips. 
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"Samples from those patients (including both healthy and cancerous tissue) would be subjected to extensive DNA sequencing, including both the genome and the RNA transcribed from it. "What comes out is an absolute gusher of information," [Darnell] said.

It should theoretically be possible to analyze that data and use it to customize a treatment that targets the specific mutations present in tumor cells. But right now, doing so requires a squad of highly trained geneticists, genomics experts, and clinicians. It's a situation that Darnell said simply can't scale to handle the patients with glioblastoma, much less other cancers.

Instead, that gusher of information is going to be pointed at Watson."
Hopefully this will help make use of advancements in cancer treatments when they become available.

#ibm #watson #cancer
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Zack Czengoldi

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"So we start to self-censor and share less. When in doubt, instead of hitting the “Post” button, we hit the, “Nah, better not” button and don’t post that picture we find hilarious, but others may be offended by. Facebook already knows this, based upon its own research. In that study, researchers found that “71 percent of the users typed out a status, a comment, or both but did not submit it. On average, they held back on 4.52 statuses and 3.2 comments.”
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This is really, really useful.

You know you commented on something last month (or last year!). It was a subject or discussion you meant to return to. But where the heck is it? No clue.

Unless you do this custom search and then up pops every comment you ever made along with the post. Brilliant!

As they mention in the post, it's a great search to save/bookmark.
How to Easily Find Your Google+ Comments...

Use Google Plus SEARCH in a special way and you can find your comments (and other people's shares of your stuff, etc.)

Many people know that much of the value here in the Plus exists inside the interaction or comments that happen along with posts.

Use this technique to find your comments...
Enter a Google Plus search like this:
"Ronnie Bincer" -inurl:108210288375340023376

Where the name in quotes is Your Google Plus name and the number after the '-inurl:' text is Your Profile ID.

You can find your profile ID number by going to your 'Profile' area and snagging it from within the URL up top.

Thanks for this technique go to +Nico Gerrits who mentioned how to do it in a bunch of comments on a post by +Gideon Rosenblatt where he was talking about Hashtags and how they are searchable now inside comments. Thanks also to +Sean Grace for asking the inspiring question.

GREAT TIP!!! for sure... Where's Me Treasure?!?
Share it with your friends, and SAVE the SEARCH you do so you can get back to it later - Great for DATA MINING and seeing who is sharing your stuff as well.
- - - 
#googleplustips   #searchtips   #findyourcomments   #findshares   #datamining   #postingstrategy  
- - -
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Mac, Media and Hyper Learning
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    Mac, Media and Hyper Learning, present
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    Internet Services Administrator, 1996 - 1999
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Arizona, Minnesota, Chicago, Murfreesboro, Chattanooga, Interlochen Michigan
health, mind, art, design +biohacking, life hacks, mind hacks, happiness hacking and the etceteras; and such much whatnots.
I'm a tech guy who didn't realize he was a tech guy until one day, while talking to someone about tech matters, I realized I was generating the dreaded glazed stare.

Of course at that point I also became passionate about explaining tech and technological concepts in clear language that anyone can understand.

Funny how I had always planned to be an artist/musician/writer. Plans are still unfolding. ;)

I favor a balanced use of technology. Technology is a tool that magnifies the human mind. Let us clear and balance our minds before we leverage them. Then let's magnify that which produces the greatest good for all.

Isn't it curious how anything for its own sake tends to create an imbalance?

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    Art History, Drawing, Japanese, 1994 - 1997
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