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Zachery Jensen
Not actually a seagull; California Gull would be more accurate.
Not actually a seagull; California Gull would be more accurate.

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Check out this snooty fowl. Just judging you. Who does he, or she, think they are? Also, what is it? Anyone know?

It's a Double-crested Cormorant.

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Look, it takes a couple seconds to log in via social network of whatever choice and click "Support" on this project that absolutely must happen!

So please, dear followers, do this guy a solid and get his awesome design on the store shelves at LEGO stores everywhere.

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What Would Julius Shulman Do?

I spent the evening re-watching the one and only documentary film I've ever been even remotely inspired to buy—and in this case, very strongly inspired. I just have to say, that film inspires me so hard in several aspects of my life. I never knew how much I connected with architecture before watching it, nor how fantastic architecture photography really is when it's done right. But, as a corollary, it highlights just how unbelievably bad so much arch photography really is. Honestly, even if you're just getting into it, watch this film and study Shulman. He basically invented the entire concept of beautiful architecture photography.

Also the doc is really great, it's called Visual Acoustics. Go watch it now, right after you enjoy this hypocritically tedious image I've pasted onto my post to get your attention amongst the sea of garbage flowing in your stream.

(Yeah so I'm slightly drunk, what of it?)

See it full size on my Flickr


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Wild Hair Day

Wait, you're telling me an all-purpose zoom produced this? 😮

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I heard some people were upset about the new Starbucks holiday cups.

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You can make this happen!

And you should want to. If you don't understand what this is, you owe it to yourself to dig into some classic episodes and see why you should empty your savings into this kickstarter.

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... feels wet, when I look at it...

doesn't it?

💚 RX100 IV 💚

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There was this... thing.

...but, you had to go around it...

💚RX100 IV 💚

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You're still here?

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Experimenting With Austerity

I decided I'd give a real genuine try at making a legitimate landscape tool out of a pocketable super zoom camera. Taking into consideration its size, cost, and so on as well as the various options for processing photos (and keep in mind, my choice of camera does not output RAW) and styles that can be achieved, etc. I think it's doable. I'm targeting 12"x16" maximum sized prints. The camera is the Sony DSC-HX90V with effective focal length of 24-720mm. 

So far, I've been learning some important details about how this camera operates. It likes overexposure and flattens images far too much at default settings. Luckily that's all adjustable. But it's funny. The images look far better when you compensate for that. My laziness was my enemy on this last attempt. No tripod meant lots of image shake at base ISO. Another issue is that it's highly susceptible to atmospheric properties like haze on the longer focal lengths. Any long lens will do this, but, the smaller the output, it seems, the more of a visible impact it has.

Anyway, here's a couple samples from my second session of trying to take a very casual camera very seriously. Keeping in the spirit of the gear, I edited entirely in Apple's Photos app.

Any suggestions you may have on making lower end compacts sing beyond their class would be fun to hear.
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