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Really tempted to order a Kindle Fire. And I'm not even sure why....
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Because we all need more toys?
Recently picked up the ASUS Transformer and lovin' it.
I'll be waiting on the reviews. I gotta say, though, 200 bucks for an android tablet is a heck of a deal...
Fire looks lame the kindle touch looks amazing...
No e-ink from what I read. IPS display.

I already have an iPad. Seems silly to have 2 tablets. Foreflight on a smaller display might be nice though.
Yeah the fire is LCD not e-ink.

Being a gadget geek however, I can totally see myself buying this just because it looks cool. I also have an iPad but I really want an Android tablet (this isn't a true android tablet though). But not having Foreflight on Android is kind of preventing that.
Maybe that's why I like the Fire. It's an android but doesn't look like an android. : D
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