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If there was one thing you could change about the financial world, what would that be? I would like to see support for intergenerational living, so if the government could offer tax benefits for grand...
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I think this is a cause worth fighting for,.  There are so many imp and not so imp petitions flying about nowadays, and this certainly is something worthwhile.  Well done for thinking about this!!
Thanks for that; I think it's going to be a growing concern as the world gets older and also as life is getting more expensive (particularly property prices).
People must understand the value of the elders...this has been forgotten in the West or the so-called Developed countries.  In the east, as in India and the sub-contiment etc, the elders offer an extremely efficient support system by looking after the young ones while their parents or the younger population go out to earn.  By encouraging this thru tax benefits et al,  govts don't realize the huge infrastructure and social benefits they are creating for their citizens. 
I know that there are many grandparents that do a lot for their grandkids while their own "children'' go out to work--but they do it at their own risk, effort and costs, with no help from the System.
I couldn't agree with you more. Also there is a reason for the rampant materialism and isolation in the West; children don't feel or have family bonds anymore.
Exactly and this is where the Govts in the West shud step in.  Not only to inculcate family ties but also to help the elders to make their first move by giving them incentives --even if they were not inclined to it.
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