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As the Product Manager for Google+ Notifications, I wanted to let you know about another improvement we’re rolling out today. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback.

Over the past few weeks we’ve added a few features that make it easier to invite your friends to Google+. For example, we launched a custom invitation link (for those times when you don’t know someone’s email address). But up until now, it’s been hard to tell when people use your invitations to sign up.

Starting today, you’ll get a notification in your Google bar if someone you’ve invited joins Google+ (check out the screenshot below). Add them to your circles and give ‘em a warm welcome!
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Since you'd also get a notification when someone circles you, this is basically good for finding out when someone accepts your invite, but doesn't also add you to a circle?

Of course, you could chose to disable notifications for people circling you, and still get them for people accepting an invite (although you can't disable them from the notification area entirely, just email/SMS).
oh yeah, right, josh! like oldmeadow is really your name! puhleeeeze!
g+ is on to you, man!
Now if I could stop the "Stream" from scrolling so I could read what you posted...
Huh...for some reason I hadn't realized this wasn't there in the first place.
super news - will be great to be able to keep track. Any idea when "shared circles" might be implemented ala Fridge? or if it will be a while, it would be a useful bridge if we could give different batches of invites to different groups to help facilitate the development of shared circles more easily (to keep track of whom we invited for which shared circle, etc.). Keep up the good work!
+Zach Yeskel If someone you invited decided to join G+ using a different e-mail address, you end up with 2 people with the same name. Maybe notifications can help fix that by reminding them to combine the two or delete one of them?
Question: I see you used a hashtag in this update? Is there a way to "follow" a hashtag in G+? If not why did you use one? Thanks.
I must say I love this fun and exciting new way to introduce your new features. I look forward to seeing more of these. They let me know you are all working to make this a better happier environment.
so what's so picky about it? Facebook already has this in it's "notification" sections.
Put a GREEN box round every thing that can be activated.

When you STOP on the box, the box turns RED, (not the icon or the word).

This should be done for names (stream) and for icons.
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