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Al Franken, net neutrality proponent: "Net neutrality and the rules the FCC passed are about keeping the Internet the way it is today and the way it has always been."

There you go. If you want the internet to stop evolving and ISPs to stop innovating... support net neutrality! Stagnation we can believe in.
The Senate voted to keep in place federal rules aimed at preserving open Internet access for online users, but hurdles still loom for the controversial policy.
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I don't know as much about this subject as I probably should. Seems like some of the pros for Net Neutrality are good. Is the negative that it would give Government regulation over content?
It might seem that way, but in reality the FCC is trying to regulate a problem that doesn't actually exist: big corporations ruining the internet by restricting or slowing access to certain sites. Even if this were a major concern, it would better be played out in the marketplace than clumsily steered by an unelected regulatory body that is susceptible to special interests. The internet is wonderful because it is free of regulation and open for experimentation at all levels--including by the ISPs themselves, who are constantly adapting the ways in which they provide service to customers. Giving the FCC a foot in the door at this point can only do harm in terms of slowing or stopping innovation, as far as I can see. The quotation from Franken is just a perfect example of the mindset we want to avoid when talking about the internet. We wouldn't want an internet stuck in 1995, and we don't want an internet stuck in 2011.
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