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In work-related news, the Web Crypto API has now advanced to First Public Working Draft.

It was one of the first projects I got involved with when I started at Google, and perhaps the most involved one thus far, now that I'm "editing" it. The goal is "simple" enough, in that it seeks to provide a low-level cryptographic API for Javascript.

Along with other technologies, such as CSP [1]  or HSTS [2], it's, in part, trying to solve the "Javascript Cryptography Considered Hamrful" problem [3].

A secure RNG. Constant-time cryptographic primitives. A secure keystore. These are the sort of fundamentals from which a wide variety of richer applications can emerge. Just look at some of the use cases [4] that finally become possible.

So if you like Javascript, or if you care about crypto, check it out, and send feedback to

Please note: The API is rough. Very Rough. There's still a huge gap of known issues and missing normative text, and undoubtedly more than a few typos. That said, hopefully this document captures the idea and vision for what we're working on, and with feedback, can actually achieve.


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Didn't get deported this time

56 straight hours in flight/airport, 2 lost luggage and 1 deportation later...

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Next stop Zurich

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First stop, London

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Singly competition 

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Back to California

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