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Finally got around to re-installing Ubuntu on my desktop at home. I've got to say, their windows installer works pretty seamlessly for setting up a dual-boot windows/linux system. And the team over at Ubuntu has made a whole lot of progress since I last had it installed.

Now I guess I need something to do with it. I've been meaning to mess around with Ruby on Rails again...
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Yea, I totally agree. I've actually been running Ubuntu like crazy lately. Been using it more than Win7 even. Been needing to learn more shell commands, and the best way to learn seems to be to force myself to use it, lol.
Wow, they're on 12 now? Are they still rocking that Unity thing? I didn't personally care for it much. I preferred Fedora mostly because it recognizes my dual-monitor setup perfectly out of the box. No frustrating X-server configuration.
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