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new music video for my band backpackparty! check it out :) backpackparty - We Were Rebels!
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The texture is interesting here, it would be nicer to have more of a consistent setup behind the vocals, which I feel are the most solid part of this song.
+Brody Mulligan hey Brody, what do you mean by more consistent setup? i really appreciate the constructive criticism, just not sure exactly what you mean
I suppose what I mean to say is that the use of lyrical arpeggios in the keyboard backing of the vocals in the verse is somewhat odd compared to the use of the same effect as a tremolo in the chorus, and the drum setup just seemed somewhat out of place for this kind of transition respectively--unless you were going for a half time dub step sort of feel. But I don't live inside your minds so I don't know what effect you were going for, I'm a fan of the music so I don't want you to think I'm being an internet hater, I just have some feelings about the construction of the music as a composer and music educator that I wanted to share with you.
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