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I'm also adding this to my list of items that should be looked at. Is this what we can look forward to for American citizens subject to "Indefinite Detention" under the new NDAA provision? While I hope this won't be the case, my heart tells me that history has shown what abuses we can expect when it comes to law.
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Please ignore the image of Steve Jobs, obviously he was not imprisoned, and the picture makes this look like a parody, which it is not.
I suspect you'll get to see the fully operational battle system when the republicans take office and start arresting protesters and putting them away. They had the FBI spying on Quakers for god's sake.

Though we could see the Democrats scoop up some Tea Party Activists

Either way its a sad state of America. Even the Democrats only got 50% no Votes. (The republicans were only 19% no votes)
I am not even going to pretend the NDAA provision was one party or the other. I consider this a failure on both parties, with a select few individuals who actually stood up and said no, this isn't right.
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