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Need some feedback. Idea: Religious debate via Google Plus Hangout later today. What do you all think?
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That exactly what we want, some fireworks :) Good point though, it will definitely be narrowed down to about the nature of the divine, the purpose of religion, or which religion is the one true religion. Yes, we want tension, it's entertaining ^_^ . Thanks for the feedback!
I guess you should stop by later and prove it :)
Well, they believe on a invisible force that flows around us moves the gears of the universe bla bla bla, besides is better fantasy than the bible
Well, if that galaxy suddenly develops internet and a webcam, be sure to drop by!!
I'm not totally sure yet, but it will probably be around 3:30pm EST.
Well if I'm home at that time I'll take my light saber off the shelf and join the hang out
If your still going around 4 or 5 I'll swing by. Especially if you guys can improves in person as well as on G+. :)
Can you clarify your last sentence, I'm not totally sure what it means, sorry :)
I might just have to come by on that one.
Spelling error: improvisation. It looked like the whole Jedi back and forth was you guys improving witty statements.
Ah not really, we had our scripts delivered last night, George Lucas doesn't really like improvisation...
Shhh, he said for us to pretend like it is improvised and follow the script!!
oops! You know me... I'm very bad at keeping this secrets! That's why I got kicked out of the masons and joined the Jedi council
This is definitely going to be open to the public, so feel free to share this info. I'll post the time when it becomes official.
So the time has been decided for this hangout!!! The official start time will be 4:30pm EST. We hope to see you there!!!
Sounds entertaining. Do you people planning on showing up that will represent different religions?
I hope that is the case, I would love all sorts of religions present during the discussion :)
Well i'm planning on coming and I'm a pagan... so there is that.
+Gino Cocchi That's the point :) Religion is something no one talks about because we consider it too sensitive of a topic, so lets ease the sensitivity by talking about it. The more we talk and the more we listen, the more we understand.
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