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Zach Alig
Strategist, Developer, and Founding Partner at Proof Industries
Strategist, Developer, and Founding Partner at Proof Industries

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Even the trailer is beautiful. I'm in.
The Steven Hawking biopic looks amazing. Here comes the trailer!

The Theory of Everything opens November 7. 

This week I've seen two different hipster dudes carrying umbrellas on sunny days to protect their pasty complexion.  Is this a thing now?

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Watched this last night. Set my mind reeling.  As far as I'm concerned, it provides a devastating case study of how we (America) are our own worst enemy.  We create more problems than we solve, we're hurting ourselves, and we're decimating others.

This is war journalism at its best - an astounding and brave achievement by the filmmakers. 

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I'm loving working with Angular and Mongo lately.  This post on the "MEAN" stack is a great explanation of why it's so fast to build with these technologies.

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A link from that last share.  Helps you choose your favorite flavor of Javascipt MV* (which is not an easy task).

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Javascript's evolution has taken an interesting arc.  Native databinding may be on the horizon since MVCs are here to stay.  Sounds interesting.

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Courtesy of a co-worker.  Because scripting is hilarious...

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Surely Microsoft did some usability testing of their own...

As a designer, this is fascinating to watch.  I actually like Windows 8 so far, but maybe that's because it was made by designers for designers?  Empathy is hard but totally mandatory: Step into this guy's shoes for a second and design something kind!  (Lesson 1: Unlike pros and power users, 'regular people' like their mouse more than their keyboard)
Looks like my dad's "First Time Using Windows 8" viral video is about to hit 1m views on YouTube: - yay!

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Think like a kid for a couple minutes.  It's fun.  Oh, and watch your mouth.
Adorable Written By a Kid episode up on +Geek & Sundry this week!  It's a parable inside a fridge or something? :)
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