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Zach Alcorn
I want to make human life intrinsically better through breakthrough technologies. And cat videos.
I want to make human life intrinsically better through breakthrough technologies. And cat videos.

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"I'm not saying Jesus wasn't born in Bethlehem. I'm just saying show me the birth certificate."

Twitter is cracking me up today. Lol

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Excited to announce that I'm now working full time at Google as an Associate Product Manager on the Android team! Speaking of which...

Drinking game for tonight's Republican debate:
Take 1 drink whenever:
- Donald Trump interrupts someone.
- Benghazi or Hillary Clinton's emails are mentioned.
- Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio say something in Spanish.
- Someone says "Christian nation," "traditional marriage," or "family values."

Take 2 drinks whenever:
- John Kasich actually gets to speak.
- Anyone says "I'm not a scientist" before rejecting overwhelming scientific consensus about climate change.
- Mike Huckabee takes a hard-line moral stance and/or jokes about sexual harassment.
- Ben Carson or Rand Paul refer to themselves as "outsiders."
- Obama is referred to as the "worst president for __."
- Anyone uses the line "You're fired."

Finish your drink:
- Someone takes a shot at one of the seven candidates not even on stage.
- Donald Trump offers to pay one of the other candidates to stop running.
- Ted Cruz shuts down the entire debate to show his version of good governing.
- Chris Christie is late because of traffic.
- Reagan and Jesus are mentioned in the same sentence.
- Anyone says anything so mind-bogglingly sexist, racist, or homophobic that it should instantly disqualify them from public office, but instead their poll numbers rise.
- The moderator announces that they too are running for president.
Anything that I missed?

So this summer I built a pretty nice gaming PC, and I'd like to be able to use it's idle time to help with distributed computing science projects like Folding@Home, SETI, etc. Seems like those two tend to get all the attention though - does anyone have a recommendation for a good project to join that could really use the extra power?

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This gif is making me hungry...
How's your GIF game? At 11am EST on May 5th, Cinco De Mayo, you’d better bring it. -Rusty

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal US residents of the 48 contiguous states, 13 years and older (minors require parental consent). Void where prohibited. Contest ends 5/05/15. For Official Rules visit: Chipotle's Privacy Policy is at 
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"Wookie lifespan" and "Chewbacca age" had no recorded search volume until this month - I wonder why... :)
(For the record, they live an average of 400 standard years).

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Lies from my Moto 360.

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