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On the media
On the media: Now that the White House seems to think of the media as the opposition, we need to think about who the media is from a top-down basis. Reporters and editors are one thing. Owners are another. The news we hear is largely given to us by conglome...

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Micromanaging the poor, soft drink edition
The New York Times has an article on the horror of people on SNAP (Food Stamps) buying soft drinks. The findings show that the No. 1 purchases by SNAP households are soft drinks, which accounted for about 10 percent of the dollars they spent on food. “In th...

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Civility isn't overrated.
Today' I'm just posting a rant.

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Celebrating New Year's Eve Early
Last night, the hostess at our New Year's Eve party suggested we celebrate New Year's Eve when New York did -- at 11 p.m. Central Standard Time (UTC -6).  She'd had a cold and was still feeling a bit weak. This seemed like a good idea. All of us are in our ...

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Segmenting opposition to Trump
In marketing, you can segment the market in several different ways. For example, you might separate soup by product type (dry | ready to serve | condensed) or by customer (seniors | families with kids | college students, etc.) If we look at opposition to Tr...

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Trump needs an enemy, and a weakened press is it.
So here's the Trump strategy as I see it. You can't blame Democrats for much because Republicans control the Senate, the House, the Presidency, and most of the governors and state legislators. Blaming liberals (a subset of the Democratic party) makes even l...

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How I would fix Obamacare, part 1
I'm convinced part of the late surge in Trump voting over Clinton voting was the large increases in Obamacare coverage costs. This is a real pocketbook issue for people who have to buy on the exchanges. Side note: I had to buy a policy on the Obamacare exch...

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What went wrong with the presidential polling pundits?
Prediction Overconfidence As I write this, it is
5 a.m. November 9, 2016.  I got up to see
if, perhaps, Clinton had pulled out an unlikely victory. She had not. Trump
will be president. The predictors did not
do a good job. Here’s what I got when Googling t...

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Is Trump cleverly setting us up for fraud?
Trump's gotten a lot of heat for saying that the election is rigged and he won't necessarily accept the outcome. But, just to engage in a bit of conspiracy speculation -- what if he's really setting us up? The media has responded to Trump by arguing that th...
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