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It's Memorial Day today in the U.S. and many people take that time to spend with their families and friends, and of course, put some meat on the grill.

Are you grilling out today?
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yes..we all love to eat!!
its my b day on memorial day!!!!!!!!!!!
nice, looks good to eat
pork shortrib,and mango-teriyaki shrimp with fresh pineapple..thats what going on my grill today..
We had our BBQ yesterday; .....Happy Memorial Everyone; enjoy
I'm not!!! my kids r boring they said outside is to hot :(
that's too bad Simone.....BBQ'ng is so much fun.
need this one, especially on my special day ehehe
Paula G
looks good now i'am hungry and no no cook out today :(
1) I'm not American.
2) I'm a vegan non-militarist.
3) When we invade your planet it'll happen so fast you won't even know what's happening.
Yes big bbq today at the beach! i luv holidays:) me when they're done!!
I had to fast because I have a medical procedure tomorrow (thanks doc.) and those brats look really good.
Not this year when to kroger got their bbq ribs with baked beans and potato salad from publix too hot in the ATL.
my friends dad grilled for us yesterday :) yummy<3
When did America make bratwurast, they're German lol.
I think America likes good food from all over!!!!! Actually brats are very good sausages.
that looks disgusting no fence
Having a neighborhood BBQ, everyone will be there <3
i GRILLED OUT TODAY FOR MYY FAMILY ! WE HAD A BLAST ! we made red and blue jello and milk that was white (obviously) for the flag ! MY KIDS LOVEDD IT !(:
I don't pike any of those either beacaise I don't like any meat. And since I don't eat meat my mom makes me tasked pills so I have the nitrients in my body that I need.
For me is on 12/11/1492 when Columbus arrive to America.
.........................................!!!! haaaaaaaaa.................!!!
Hope everyone had a good/safe Memorial Day.

I ended up smoking a pork shoulder, partially smoked then braised some pork belly in apricot beer and peach schnapps, my brother made some homemade andouille sausage (which we smoked then grilled) and finally some hot dogs which we inter-mixed in all the pork when they cooked on the grill, so all the rub and fat basted them while they cooked.

YUM! I'll be making Gumbo with the left over pork and andoullie.
very nutritous i'v heard! Looks well cooked. Maybe i should stop by...
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