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Hangout Alert: Please join us on Tuesday, July 10th at 5pm EST as we host Chef +Kevin Sbraga in a Google+ Hangout! We'll be talking about his restaurant +Sbraga in Philadelphia, his favorite desserts (his wife is a pastry chef!), motorcycles, winning Top Chef, and American cuisine in general.

Have a question for Chef Sbraga or want to join this Hangout on Tuesday? Comment and let us know!

Read more about the chef here:
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Awesome! He's a cool guy and talented chef! I tasted a dish he created for an event in Orlando, FL earlier this year, good stuff +Droolius 
Здраствуйте...Я к Вам присоединяюсъ тоже с удоволъствием...
+Julius Mayo Jr Will you be able to join us for the Hangout tomorrow at 5pm EST? Would love to send you an invite.
im a huge fan of kevins cooking but am new to this it just online here?
+Harrison Keeler Hi Harrison! If you wouldn't mind adding us to a circle we can add you back in the one that will receive an invite tomorrow around 5pm EST. So once you add us, come back to this page tomorrow around 5pm and you should see a blue box that says "Join Hangout." As long as you've got a web cam attached to your computer, you should be good to go!
Thanks for the invite, sorry I missed it. Hope I can make the next one :)
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