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"A morning without coffee is like sleep." — Author Unknown

(Pictured: Ritual Coffee Roasters in San Francisco, CA —

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My coffee is a brain reliver that makes me smart and alive to get my day started.
yea and it looks so pretty i try to make it my self but when i do it comes out wrong so i said forget it now i go and buy it already
j'aime ca
I wouldn't be able to function without coffee. I work weird hours, so one coffee keeps me going until the next. :)
This would be a fantastic addition for an afternoon of paper writing!
A morning without a commercial announcement in "What's Hot" is like coffee.
Looks so delcious!!!!!
can't agree with the quote, but i love the photo.
anyone know how to make that kind of pattern? thanks for sharing!
That’s not coffee, that’s a dessert. A double espresso, with a shot on the side is coffee. OMG – have you tried the Japanese Slow Brewed Coffee that drips over a 24 hour period?
Well, if you have Photoshop... :-^)

It might have been done by repeatedly dipping and sliding the bottom of the spoon.
Tea is a work of art and needs a master hand to bring out its noblest qualities. There is a good and bad tea; we people generally have the latter.
Green tea is the best, but a good coffee is a close second. Great pic.
Maan! I'm so jaleous of the person who will enjoy this!
Is this for or against coffee? "A morning without coffee is like sleep"? I think sleep is pretty awesome. So a morning without coffee is awesome? :P
Bah, Coffee is over rated. A morning without deep black tea, now that is torture.
This is not coffee this is a tea 
Another form of scripting that's beautiful, makes you not even want to drink it huh :)
nah, who needs cofee? Mt. Dew is the way to go!
snif snif now I want a coffe but I cant bacause I will go koko
Le an
my favorite one:)
The best part of waking up, is Folders in your cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love when they do this to my drink at second cup. =D
Ro Roe
so good!!
The day hasn't began until a coffee or 2 has been consumed.
someone knows how to make this designs in the cup of coffe?
I gotta work on making my latte's look this pretty.
I once had an espresso machine in my office. I had to get rid of it, because I was drinking too much coffee.
same in movie Green Hornet.... :)
i looooooooove cofee and wen u have a heart on top it becomes yummmyyyyyyyyyyy looool
Aquil R
That's pretty awesome
To me, that's not coffee. It's a dessert drink. Coffee is Folgers or Maxwell House. When Starbucks opened here, I figured I'd try it. I asked if they had just regular coffee, and was told yes. I ordered a small cup of black coffee. I took one sip, and dropped it in the trash as I walked out. It was horrible! Call it what you want, but it's BURNT coffee. I honestly don't know how they stay in business.......
Drinking coffee from my keurig, Dunkin' Yum, I love all types of coffees, to each his own, I say! Love the quote, no coffee is like sleep...
Matt P
just wanted to encourage everyone to support your local independent cafes. starbucks, dunkin and the like have their place, but are severely lacking in what the classic cafe experience is all about. unfortunately i moved to an area void of any decent coffee houses and jump at any chance i have to spend a few moments in a nice little independent spot somewhere.
Wish I were in San Francisco having a cup
lovely coffee art, now i am ready to drink it
Need one right now. :)
A morning without a hot cup of organic white tea is like REM.
I think all we coffee drinkers can give this ONE BIG AMEN!
Coffee - Opium of good living!

Lai Adefioye
Imagine the strong coffee aroma that engulfs ur office while brewing coffee. Whao!
Lai Adefioye
That's so cute. I would luv to have that on Valentine's Day
mmmm i gotta get me one of those. lol
makes me want to have one! :)
Definition of Late: an overpriced coffee ;)
THAT IS REALLY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that's so cool! the coffee creamer I mean
That is really cool. The shape of the heart on the top
of the coffee.
oh my gosh !!!!!!!!! yummmy................
Reminds me of the Green Hornet coffee maker, Kato.
coffee is very healthy and full of anti-oxidants - obviously moderation is the key.
I know how to do the patterns on the top like that. 
ooh!!!tasty!!! if i would be der so i would finish up all dis cofee
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