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Let's take a moment to talk about something truly delicious: hamburgers. Maybe your favorite burger is at your local pub down the street, but we'd like to know: Are there any burgers you'd travel for?
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+Jessi June ... care to put in your 2 cents on burgers?  ( I know you are a fanatic...  )
BK: Pay £5 (or whatever), get a good burger.
Father's Office in Los Angeles, CA
That is massive surely it's 1500 calories right there??
Fergburger in Queenstown, New Zealand
Gnarly Surf Bar & Grill , New Smyrna Beach FL ( Hawaiian Burger.)
Meen how can i get this? But remember,' those not live by bread alone but.....' Not assigned
meat cheese bun, bacon makes it better.
you are 10. That much is decided. now dont play on the computer. dont you have homework?
If I had the cash, I'd roam the Countryside (Like people do who watch Triple D) and eat my way from Maine to Seattle!!
mcdonalds vegetariano por isso q americanos estao obesso e querem q brasileiros sejam obessos,cuida de voce eles querem sua grana
Eu hein.... o que é isso?, só os estados unidos mesmo
Prefiro mto mais um bom prato de arroz, feijao, bife e salada!
Yes.  Froggies Gourmet burgers at Cabarita, NSW, Australia and Riverside Cafe, Woodburn, NSW Australia.
get someone to courier that burger over to you :-)
whose mouth is wide enough to eat it without making a mess??
No one!!... You need to make an effort not to make a mess. 
That is the beauty of it..
No system what so ever!!  Just keep the napkins close and your bottle of favorite drink..
you got it!!
How are you keeping up with the Olympics?  Your are at London?  Heard that in the Olympic Villa is the biggest Burger Restaurant in the World..
Yeah! i have been there in Olympic Villa but there is less people in London then everybody would think, at least that is my impression. many left in a fear of crowds. where do you live?
gani down. basig buang ka!!
It looks very delicious....
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