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Hangout Alert: Please join us on Wednesday, June 20 at 11 a.m. EST for a Google+ Hangout with British writer and broadcaster +Jay Rayner where we will talk more about his new ebook, My Dining Hell: Twenty Ways to Have a Lousy Night Out, the London dining scene and why people love to read a bad restaurant review.

Comment and tell us if you'd like an invite to the Hangout or ask your question below and he may answer it on air! To get the conversation started, read our recent interview with Jay here:
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Cool. If only the can post the chat on YouTube or something after. For those of us who didn't join in time
+Tim Davey Of course! The spots are first-come first-served to all who express interest. Add us to your circles so we can add you to the circle that will receive the invite!
+Raul Campos It will be up on YouTube! And even if you come to the page late, you can still watch the Hangout from the beginning on this page once it has ended. Hope you enjoy it.
please send me an invite
I would like an invitation if they are still available!
I would like an invitation please!
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