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What's your favorite kind of beer?

And a #FridayFunFact: Did you know beer is the third most popular beverage in the world? The two most popular are water and tea:


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Northwest Pale Ale.... or just a good IPA.
None... never could stand the taste :) I'll take a cold Diet Dr Pepper or warm cup of tea or coffee over beer any day.
والله ان كان بدون كحول اشربها
I don't usually drink beer but when I do I drink Dos equis, I am lying I'll drink a Rolling Rock every blue moon.
Rauchenfelser Steinbier (but I cant find that from bars in Helsinki) or Bamberg Rauchbier.
Just about anything from +Snake River Brewery & Restaurant, Grand Teton Brewing, or Wildlife Pizza & Brewing! So many great microbrewers popping up around the US, there's no reason not to explore +craft beer!
شاي على شكل مشروب غازي ليكون ليبتون
in cooler weather, nothing beats a nice pint of Guinness (Stout). with warmer lighter foods or in hotter weather, Ice cold Asahi is hard to beat. For that "goes with everything/grab anywhere" beer for me it is a split between Samuel Adams (Boston Lager) and to a lesser degree Stella Artois. I would add Amstel (no I did not mean Amstel Light, which the Dutch punish Americans with, I mean regular Amstel which is not sold here). Amstel is a lot like Sam Adams, but a little lighter and not as hoppy (red, a little less bitter).
When I drink a beer, I want something that is going to assault my tastebuds. That's why I prefer +Stone Brewing Co. . I'm a big fan of their Arrogant Bastard Ale, their Ruination IPA, and Vertical Epic series of beers.
Seem to be more difficult to find beers I dont like. Well, there are some: white (wheat beer), and very lame light beers. Some strongly hopped ones (baltic and especially Czech ones) seem to give me allergic reaction and my nose starts running!
favorite beer? Cold. in a frosty mug.
ايوه لازم تكون بارده ولا مانشربها وحطي عليها تلج
البيرة الشقراء لديدة
Budweiser Budvar, Bernard, Lobkowicz, Náchod,Pilsner Urquell - Czech Beer 8-)
Third in the world!! Impressive! I think my favorite kind of beer is black beer.
I wonder if tea and water would still be more popular than beer if you only counted consumers > 21 years old. ;-)
Depends on the situation. I like hef's in Spring, Pale ales in fall, Summer I'm more of Lager kind of guy, in the Winter a Guiness always goes down nicley.
Currently Cascadian IPA also known as Black IPA

Love the dark, full body with great IPA flavor and bitterness. So thirsty....
dos XX with lime the best...good thing water is most popular and not coke lol
Goose island demolition when I can get it, blue moon when I can't
Whichever one is in front of me :p
Right now it's either Abita Purple Haze or Young's Double Chocolate Stout.
40 of Old E in the paper bag of course
I'm an equal opportunity beer drinker...but the following are my faves:
1. Zirndorfer
2. 300
3. Altstadthof Weizen
4. Steinbachbräu Storchenbier

Give me a +1 if you have actually heard of them. Prost!
If I have to choose beer... +1 for Guinness, and another for Red Stripe. I'm a milk dude myself.
Belgian Triples and Quads, or Imperial Stouts.
I would have to say either Fegley Brew Works Devious Pumkin, Weyerbacher Merry Monks, or Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard
Spaten or Drexler's Irish Cream Ale
Pretty much all German lagers are delicious.
Young's Oatmeal Stout is number one. But for every day I like Shiner Bohemian Black Lager.
How dare you post that! It's only 4pm here. That's cruel.
Abita Amber and Boulevard Wheat
IPA all the way. Odells and Avery have great ones. Also love a Gubna from Oskar Blues.
Hamm's. From the land of Sky Blue Waters.
I like the "vanilla porter" from Laslo's in Lincoln, NE!
Loved the dunkelweizen that I had while working in the Heidelberg area.
Samual Adams Boston Lager & Bass!!!!
none beer is for people arent content with their life be content with life and dont drink
Three Floyds Brewery; Cimmerian Sabertooth Berzerker
Chris B
IPA/Double IPA for me.
i can't drink beer so i don't know
My favorite beer is called Wild Blue budwiser makes it
i'm rather partial to hefeweizen style. i love a good unfiltered wheat beer.
+Dogfish Head Craft Brewery 90 Minute IPA; New Belgium Fat Tire; Skagit River Steely Brown Ale; Boundary Bay IPA; Chuckanut Brewing Company's Helles and Kolsch ... and ol' '33', too -- Rolling Rock in a green bottle.
Almost anything from McMenamin Bros. in the Pacific NW. Since I'm now (sadly) residing in the armpit of TX, anything that looks interesting on the shelf at Central Market. Raging Bitch (flying dog ales) is great, but for some reason unavailable - the name probably offended someone. It's a sad & pathetic state.
Anything that looks like used motor oil. Dark beer is great!
Draft Alexander Keiths, the pride of nova scotia! CANADA
Guinness. So much, I placed one in my backpack so I can enjoy it at my folks' place where I'm staying the evening. 
Dos Equis just for their amazing ad campaign. I like Pilsner Urquell? think that is the name? Stella Artois is good too.
Point Special. #stevenspointwisconsin
Here in Wisconsin it's Leinenkugels, [leinies] Dark and Creamy, Makes any supper complete, Keep it on basement floor, Perfect
Left Hand's Milk Stout on Nitro
non drinker, so I would say none for me
IPA - anything with a huge hop ;)
My favorite has been discontinued.. but it was Young's Oatmeal Stout.
+Surly Brewing Darkness (Russian Imperial Stout), Beamish (RIP), or Flying Dog Double Dog (on nitro) to keep the list short
nothing wrong with this photo! except... maybe me missing in the picture having one hand on the glass... but hey, I am German I am supposed to drink beer all day, right? What's your excuse?
Trappist Rochefort #8 Ale
Guinness black lager!!!!!!
Nattie Boh!!! Not because its good. Actually it tastes like the Chesapeake bay. Lets have another.
Fosters, smoothest beer I ever put my tall glass, no bite at all, that I like.
High Five Hef from Iron Horse Brewery in Ellensburg
I don't drink alcohol, I made the choice myself not to drink the stuff, but I do like a Swedish fruit cider which has roughly 1 serve of alcohol in it.
IPA from San Diego called Arrogant Bastard, no reflection on anyone except the beer is great tasting.
Heck yeah! Nectar of the Gods :)
Chimay, Cinq Cents. Nice to know beer is more popular than coffee!
Kunal S
i am thirsty because of this amazing post. wish it was real . WANT IT WANT IT WANT IT I REALLY WANT IT NOW
Free... If I have to pay Coors Light. Light taste and still gets you drunk, added bonus unlike most american beers no shits the next day.
boulevard pale ale, until I found out that I have a food allergy to wheat or yeast...damn it!
The BEST beer I ever had was made by my second husband, now dead. It was a doppel bach. Best damn beer EVER. Thick with a nice head . . ever so slightly sweet. Not hoppy at all. Man . . . I wish I knew how he made it.
@ Jarvis Sanders. They said beer, not watered down cat piss. Me right now Dog Fish heads 90 minute IPA, so tasty.
Free State Brewery in Lawrence, KS. Their beers are great, especially their C3 IPA which is a 100 IBU IPA.
Matt J
Not really a beer drinker. But on the odd times I have a drink I like Waterloo Dark. 
Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse Dunkel.
To be completely specific.
Pliny the Elder and our local Black Market Brewery Rye IPA
Rodenbach grand cru, most any of the New Belgium Lips of Faith series. Oscars 10 fidy
IPA - particularly Harpoon IPA
Ahhh... Beer!!! Love it! Any kind, Anytime, Anywhere!!!
cjbrc -
HEINEKEN, for sure.
San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen or Super Dry!
Several German, Austrian and Czech beers, including Weizen / Dunkel (dark) Weizen (wheat). An open list would be: Stiegl, Edelweiss, Erdinger, Jever, Pilsner Urquell, Augustiner, Warsteiner, Radeberger, Krombacher, Franziskaner, Kapuziner, Weihenstephan (recently discovered, said to be made in the oldest brewery in the world). Some Belgian and Dutch ones as well: Duvel, Leffe, Brand, Amstel. Used to like Guinness Draught and Stout (if I remember correctly), but now they don't top my list. I like them on the bitter, Pils side, but sometimes Export or Weizen are welcome. And I like the German Purity Law.
I like anything by Three Heads Brewery lately: The Kind, Loopy, & Common Man are awesome.
Dead lift IPA. Delicious and slightly alcoholic. :)
Sweetwater 420 and yuengling....and all big beers cause they work.
Yuengling for sure! Pennsylvania pride! Woodchuck is fun for parties and Landshark for the summer!
fill d.
Room temp Fat Tire;)
The one the wife brings me from the fridge. :)
Which is usually an Ugly Pug.
My favorite is free beer.

But in all seriousness, Young's Oatmeal Stout has always been a favorite. +Kevin Watte

My personal favorite is Duvel. It's great in any season, and the flavor never, ever gets old.
I like my beer finished. Run it through a still and age it for at least three years and we'll talk.
Kira Q.
CABRO de Guatemala
ivan G
I drink any imported beer.. and some American beer.. hehe
For dessert, I prefer Root beer with ice cream. For those more relaxed, hangin' with the guys times, a strong ginger beer on ice to sip slowly (lest I blow my sinuses out...).
Beer changed the World, that's a cold Delicious Fact!

BEER, the very first Google+
Polar beer.........(chilled one).
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA off draft. I'm already smiling when the aroma hits the olfactory. The first sip and I experience Nirvana.
Yuengling Traditional Lager. Very tasty!
that just makes me want to have a beer :)
Scottish Ale ~ Skull Splitter and Kilt Lifter
this statistic does not surprise me. Though i think beer may bump up to second during a depression.
Stone brewery Old Guardian. Barley wines are my current favorite!
My Favorite kind of Beer is the kind that has my friend al-k-hall in it there is only one bad beer that I have ever tasted, and it is called Panama it come in a green bottle and tastes like bottled skunk piss.
It's not first? Weird. My favorite kind right now, with summer coming up, is a crisp, hoppy, not too strong IPA.
Butter beer at hogwarts
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Hobgoblin, or Pedigree- made by Marstons Brewery (the largest Cask Ale Brewery in the world)
Cerna Hora - Czech Beer (Moravia): Moravské Sklepní unfiltered – beer from the old ages

Origin of name: the production of this beer exclusively uses Moravian ingredients, Moravian hops and Moravian malt – hence (Moravské) Moravian, the beer is matured for four to five weeks in the brewery cellars – hence Sklepní (cellar), filtration is left out of the production process– hence unfiltered.
Taste: beer with a pronounced bitterness and distinct yeasty flavor. The beer is left unfiltered and the yeast is not removed prior to filling whereby giving it its unmistakable taste, fragrance and appearance. There are 500 million yeast cells in a single half liter glass each of which will do you good.
Mamu enaku oru peg
Fort Garry Dark Ale, Delicious
Coopers Pale Ale. If you're ever in Australia check it out. Doesn't taste as good overseas.
At the moment Burleigh Brewing's My Wife’s Bitter. Am a Brit bitter lover living in Australia & this is as good as it gets for local beers.
chech and german lagers and pilsners :)
The real, Czech Budweiser. But pretty much any Czech lager is worth drinking.
^ although any good, hop intense IPA will do
Fat tire is one of my favorites but have yet to try beer from around the world :o
this will drain your pocket...
I want drink beer light...............
Bit slow on this post, but my favorite beer so far is, hands down, the Goose Island Bourbon County stout.
Awarding winning Myanmar Lager Beer .
Staropramen (czech pils)
Veldensteiner Pils (german pilsner)
Erdinger Weißbier (german wheat beer)
ek ghut hujhe mb pila de sarabi
I'm a lush, most any beer is good with me. LOL.
tactical nuclear penguin >_< only for the braved hearted
On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross ... where the dearest and best for a world of lost sinners was slain. Jesus died for all of us, so that anyone who believes in Him may be saved. Jesus died just for you because He loves you
i like it especially tuburg
Golly L
paulaner & erdinger
Polish Lech or Warka Strong
Also Jap. Saporro
I like a good amber. specially if it's a microbrew
To be truly a good beer, & worthy of drinking… you should be able to brink it @ room temp. If not, then it may as well be dish water. 
Piraat..Brewry Van Steenberge,Ertvelde,BELGIUM.
Sam Smith's oatmeal stout
Why r u asking stuff like this like what if there r 10 or 13 year old kids on this and they hear this kind of stuff. 
The best beer is craft beer. SweetWater, Samuel Adams, New Belgium, Dogfish Head, Sierra Nevada, etc.

As far as styles go, I'd probably have to go with a good hoppy IPA.
None of that 3% alcohol waste of a brew. Or chilled until tasteless rubbish. Most of the rest, give it to me.
Guinness, Blue Moon, and Sam Adams.
Hi Zagat I added you to my circle. Favorite Beer Niksicko!
Brad H
World Beer Cup Winner...Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout
pale ales.... and lagers
Stella Artois, Bass, Rivertowne's Babbling Blonde & Pumpkin Spice, Baltika #3, Southern Tier's Eurotrash...just to name a few.
Wow, that rich and refreshing beer
I love the beers brewed in wis. Or gennie cream ale,brewed in new york.

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