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Did you know it's National Grilled Cheese Day?

Tell us — What's your favorite way to eat grilled cheese?

Photo of grilled cheese with artisan cured ham, sharp cheddar, house-made apple mustard, and rosemary butter from The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in San Francisco, CA:
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Garlic powder on the outside
Darn! Cheese of the grilled variety needs better publicity. Prefer american on sourdough with parmesan crisped on each side. Maybe a little bacon and tomato stuffed in too for pizazz. Dinner!?
I'm getting on a plane and I'm going to San Fran tonight for this sandwich!! Lol!! Looks great!
I ordered a grilled cheese today. Must have been in my head after reading this in the morning.
Plain old American Cheese on white bread still has its place in the culinary world...
The cheese has to be mozzarella, two slices of tomato, and sliced avocado. Washed down with some diet coke.
There are so many ways to make a good grilled cheese but I always top mine off with an egg, sunny-side up.
Oh for F's is the international day of my favorite sandwich and I ate rice for lunch?
There was a Grilled Cheese Truck on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles today with a huge line...
this makes me so hungry... so delicious
Oh my. Grilled cheese one of my fav's. With creamy tomato soup. Nom Nom Nom.
yum! looks tasty.... tomato and basil with grilled ham and melted cheese.
plain ol' American Cheese, puuuuul EEESE :)
American Cheese and tomato!
A croque monsieur is the one true grilled cheese sandwich...
OH YEAH!!! AMerican, muenster (did I spell that right?) or provolone! Also good to mix shredded colby jack.
Yellow american and dunked in tomato soup
Tomatoes, ham/pastrami and Provolone cheese...NOM NOM NOM
American with ketchup. Yep. Oh, and I occasionally will add bacon to it.. Mmm, bacon.
No Way!!!!! So cool!!! I love grilled cheese, just regular,though.
If only I had known. Tomorrow I will make up for it.
Fav, way of eating one is, eating one while making one. :) I never thought of adding rosemary to the butter. Will try.
mmmmmmmm thats look yum!!!!
I'm a eater!
I just finished eating one, when I saw this. I like to add an apple slice or bacon to mine. Sometimes I fry them in the bacon grease. Cheddar of course.
That looks like my tomorrow's breakfast!!!
grilled cheese, (pepper jack cheese) and dipping it in hot tomato soup YUM
Tina C
I love grilled cheese!
cheese and vegimite toasted sandwich
Great, another holiday I didn't get time off for . . . . .
Last night i told my girlfriend" i have a brilliant unique idea, a restaurant that serves nothing but grilled cheese!" You just killed my dreams zagat....
Eeww, I like grilled cheese, but not that picture!
mmm. Grilled cheese dipped in ketchup.
If you're ever in Toronto in Kensington Market, there's this great little place called The Grilled Cheese. Nothing but various types of GC's on the menu. Best place ever!
Applewood smoked cheddar is nice, but with a nice sharp cheddar, I like to add jalapeno peppers. They pair nicely with cheddar.
When we were little, my mother would make some grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup on dreary,rainy days. We would eat and talk and play cards. So grilled cheese is associated with good times for me. . .
looks good~ i love cheese~ =w=
Two slices of American cheese between white bread, and fried in salted butter. Campbell's tomato soup is must if this is only cheese. However if the grill has also use Ham, baloney, of Miracle whip then soup is not as important.

Look, Chef,
a fancy cheese sandwich is wasted time. It's gone in seconds. So the years of time preparing some high quality cheese, and then making the grill just right... Really? It's an American Grilled cheese sandwich! Just send the order over to a short order cook and move on to better things like a hand carved radish... I'll apreciate you getting it to me quickly, rather than stressing over stupid trivial details, taking to long to prepare, and then charging 20.00 for a cheese sandwich!
Grilled Cheese and sliced tomato
Had no idea, but randomly made tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich for dinner....!
i am hungry...hahah
Отлично!Простой рецепт-быстро.
i heard the french make more then 3000 different types of chesse or maybe even as many as 6000! I would what varities and combintions could be made for grillling? I guess its a mystry you'll have to just ask brianics!
Time for a pilgrimage to San Francisco!
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