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Ever wanted to have breakfast with a giraffe? You can at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Africa:

We think that's pretty cool. What animal would you like to have breakfast with?

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That is fantastic. Now only one needs to go to Kenya for that. Long long flight from the West Coast!
I wonder if I could get a kickstarter going to fund a trip there...
Hahaha that would be great.. Something out of normal life :) 
That would be so cool.  Breakfast with a giraffe or an elephant would be neat.
quee chevere las jirafas muy altas
What Country are you located, Africa?
Nice pcture, will they eat from your hand?
lol wow...that would be fun. hahaha i want to have breakfast with a lion lol is that possible?
that be cool!! are those there giraffs
Breakfast with Pandabear would be cool!
Si me invitan iré, no  me importa que haya girafas,creo que tienen el desayuno esperando a alguien.
Tienen todos los arboles que puedan necesitar para darse un banquete  .Para nosotros el café y tostadas y"""" buen provecho"""
An Krys
Bucket list.  Oh yeah!  That and swimming with dolphins too.  I want to kiss a dolphin because they are seem so sweet like a dog.
Gives a new thought to eating breakfast. Cool, would love to do that before I die. I also want to eat breakfast with Koalas. Anyone want to buy me a plane ticket?
 Hodi! Been there several times. Warning! Giraffes do not know their own strength and one, meaning to give me a love pat, hit me on the side of my head with his head. Broke several bones and I still have pain from it. Have also been on horse safari and was able to ride amoung giraffes as they ate. Wonderful animals. Hatari!
No, but I've watched the sunrise with them.
Hey you're not the giraffe from last night....!
more like how does the plate reach the giraffe
Mientras desayunas estás mirando a las girafas no está mal, me apunto.Pero cual es la dirección ????'?????
the Girraffe was my favorit Annimal in my visit to Kruger-Park.
I wonder in which country was taken this picture...
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