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Our Fast Food Survey Results are live!

Take a look at some of this year's winners:
Most Popular Fast Food - Large Chain:
1. In-N-Out Burger
2. Panera Bread
3. +Chipotle Mexican Grill 
4. +Five Guys Burgers and Fries 
5. Chick-fil-A

Most Popular Fast Food - Mega Chain
1. +SUBWAY Restaurants 
2. +Wendy's 
3. +McDonald's 
4. +Taco Bell 

Top Rated Fast Food - Large:
1. In-N-Out Burger
2. Papa Murphy's
3. +Chipotle Mexican Grill 
4. Panera Bread
5. Bojangles'

Fast Food - Mega Chain:
1. +Wendy's 
2. +SUBWAY Restaurants 
3. Pizza Hut
4. +Taco Bell 

*Large chains have 100 to 5,000 U.S. locations
**Mega chains have over 5,000 U.S. locations

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In n Out is number one for sure! It's fast food, but it's in a league of its own!
I can't wait to go back to California and have me one of this...
+Chipotle Mexican Grill does not surprise me that it made the list. ALL of the Chiptolte's in my area are out the door during lunch and dinner time.
Can tell you that In n Out way better than Five Guys and also way cheaper...of course it's my opinion! :-)
I can agree with this... We don't have In-n-Out Burgers in our area, but we do have Panera and Subway which my family loves.  
We recently got In-N-Out in Dallas. It's pretty good. I am surprised Whataburger didn't make the list.
+Mark Evans Really???  I'm about 90 minutes south of Dallas, so I'll need to look up In-N-Out Burger next time I'm up there. 
Five Guys for me thanks.
+Ken Crisp Five Guys is good for sure, but you'd have a heart attack if you ate there too often, not to mention an empty bank account since a burger, fries, and drink is like $12.
+Mark Evans Thanks... yeah there's like 16 up there, but none anywhere else in Texas.   I'll check one out next time we're passing through.
The Panera selection is baffling. Their bagels are minor atrocities.
I love the hot dogs and fries at Five Guys but the hamburger depends on what kind you like. Five Guys has a very juicy "loose" hamburger -- In 'N Out has a dense "meaty" hamburger. I personally love In 'N Out's burgers -- once in a while indulge in a 3x3.
Panera ranks above Chipotle and Five Guys?  I mean, I enjoy a good Panini, but I'll take a burrito bowl or little cheeseburger any day!
James R
+Mark Evans Does Whataburger have as much of the hype that In-N-Out does? I'm a die-hard In-N-Out fan, but I also know that it's hyped up to the other parts of the country. I don't hear much about Whataburger except for my friends from Texas (incidentally, I've been to Austin and Dallas a couple times and Whataburger is good!). Maybe the hype skews it a little bit?
I don't eat fast food very often so I'm not worried about my heart risks & since I live in Calif. I have had my share of IN N OUT. I like their burgers don't get me wrong. Five Guys is new to my area and few and far between so when I get a chance to stop in I do, which was 2 times this year. My wife and my daughters have eaten at Cheeseburger Cheeseburger and they it is better then IN & OUT and 5 Guys.
+James Raynon Not really sure. I know that Whataburger has a loyal following but it may not have reached outside of the state. I like it because the burgers are big, fresh and very tasty. Sometimes you are in the mood for a smaller more In-N-Out style of food. So I leave it up to personal preference.
In-N-Out is the best. And I love the 4x4 Animal.
James R
+Mark Evans Understood. Whataburger and Taco Cabana are my first stops whenever I'm in Texas. Probably my two favorite non-local (non-local to me) fast-food chain restaurants.
글이 너무 안올라온다~ 에잉~ 햄버거나 먹자~ 치즈나 한장 껴줘여~ ^^;
+James Raynon Whataburger and Taco Cabana are good for sure, and I'd say Whataburger  and Fuddruckers are my two favorite burger chains. 
All of them (as far as I have found) use #GMO  products and should be called by all of you who eat at any of them to tell them to stop.
I will not eat at any of them until they officially state and confirm that they either stop using #GMO  products or at least ABSOLUTELY CLEARLY label each item (on all menu including overhead and drivethrough) so that there is no question as to what ingredients have or potentially have #GMO so that those products and/or ingredients can be avoided.
It is SO VERY SIMPLE TO SPEAK UP! Make a call or two, ask to talk to the manager, request non-gmo.
Something else, while we were in Las Vegas a few months ago we ate at a Del Taco, and I'm still in awe over how amazing Tacos and Fries are together!  I wish we had these in my area too.
gross im not a vegan but i im watching a movie called super size me it makes me wanna throw up
+David Kokua The managers and workers at most fast food joints have no clue what's in the food, they just serve it up as they've been taught and collect your money, that's it.  You'll have to talk to someone in corporate to get anywhere.  Trust me, I was manager of both a Wendy's and Sonic Drive-In in my college years (not concurrently of course).  

Honestly I agree that we would be better as a society if no one ate fast food, but unfortunately that's just not the case.
+Magaly Vazquez I've seen it, and yes it's pretty bad... but honestly no one should eat fast food for every meal every day.  We look at fast food as more of a treat over a daily standard.  Families who eat fast food daily can't be in good health.
It juzz keep"s makin me Hungry...!!
Still waiting for In-N-Out in Singapore :)
Are these survey taking on the West Coast? Because there is certainly no In-N-Out on the East Coast.
small independent pizza companies have the best pizza. support small businesses when you can. pizza is my kryptonite
yo, i've had five guys burgers, multiple times, and it still doesn't compare to in-n-out burger. it's number 1 for a reason. ;)
All I have to say is that white castle is simply horrendous.......although not bad when your 8 beers deep.
Five guys sucks and it's hella expensive.
pizza Hut sucks too! which lead us to a new survey. who has the worst fast food?
+1 for In-N-Out!!!  "Could I please get a #2, animal style, no pickles, extra crispy fries?"
that looks so good right now
that tomato looks bomb, i love tomatoes 
Jesse D
Aw fuck now am hungry
In and out is overrated, Whataburger fort me.
bad photo... this is about burgers right? where's the beef? this photo reminds me of junk fast food crap... diarrhea waiting to happen.
I personally love In-n-out.  I think it's the old time feel of it all and it just tastes fresh.
In-N-Out...that's what a hambuger's all about
Really? I thought McDonald's is always No.1.
In-N-Out all the way. The moment I land in LAX I head right over to In-N-Out. O! In-N-Out how I miss you so much. Please come to Portland I can only do so many request. I even run the location if needed ;) +In-N-Out Burger Fan Club 
+Cien Mason LOL, glad you can sense the sarcasm. But, seriously, which one of the fast food joints above, has got more outlets than McDonald's?
I see Panera all the time but have never been. I'm going to see what they are all about now since the are second to my all time favorite, In-N-Out.
+Jimmie Paimany Drop what you're doing and GO TO PANERA :-D  It's wonderful... we used to live near one and ate their a couple times a week for breakfast.  Now we live across town and only get there once a month if that, but at least the one here in town the folks working there are just too wonderful...  
+Ronny Japutra i think(!) zagat surveys are less about the investor/business/corporate side and more customer centric. mcd nutrition and taste and materials sourcing leaves soooo much wanting whereas the other 'burger joints' that cater to customer concerns (like taste) do well in zagat ratings.
Well, ok then, may be my sarcasm didn't hit the bull's eye, then. My bad. I was actually gonna post something like, "Next survey: Which is The Most Popular Coffee Shop chain? You ever heard of Starbucks?"  ;-)
+Sam Alexander I'm looking at menu now and wondering why this place was never brought to my attention. +Jonina M well I know I will be visiting a Panera in my near future, hope to see an In-N-Out in yours.
+Jimmie Paimany If they had an In-N-Out within 100 miles of me I'd go :-D  Dallas it he nearest and that's a good hike for lunch... but next time I'm through there I'll see if I have time to stop at one.

But YES get to Panera sometime soon.  I've only eaten at about 6 different ones, but they've all been wonderful.  Great place to just hang-out, drink some good coffee, eat some good food, and lounge.  Free wifi, comfy atmosphere, and nice folks.
except salads and subs, what non-vegetarian food has the most vegetables? If you had to go out for food for a week, what place would you choose that's the healthiest? 
Luvin Wendy's and BK more then u know
Whataburger's not on the list?  This list has zero credibility.
+Kevin Burger I think whoever did this wasn't in the South which is mostly where Whataburger is... also Sonic isn't listed either which is another major player here in Texas.
In-n-out is so great, and it is the only place I know of with a hidden menu.  Too bad no locations are on the east coast.
I'm all like...Bojangles'?? Whats that?!
thats what a hamburgers all about baby!
We're pretty proud of the results!
tengo ambre!!
Se ve antojable!!
qiero qiero...
ire a comprar una hambuergesa
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