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What ordering type are you?

This video is an oldie but a goodie. Do you see yourself (or any of your friends) in this video? It's okay, we won't tell. :)
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to many request ,,,,,,,,
I guess I'm kinda the indecisive order but not to that extreme lol- I just ask the waiter if menu items are good a lot, it usually helps me to make up my mind!
I'm probably the first one Apolegetic Orderer. Macho Orderer is not gonna get exactly what he wants with that attitude. :-) Nice acting by them :-) 
LOL!!!!!! So true. Great acting, I'm the Apologetic after working in F&B for so many years and hating every minute of it. 
hahahahah Oh my god. I am totally the first "apologetic" person - down to keeping the menu, haha!
the first 1 is the best way to order a food.the point is,hav to hav manners.. 
I don't order like those, I'm a questioner, thinker, not understanding the menu, needing description, order what I'm used to, looking for something interesting, confused, impatient… that how I order food at a restaurant (basicly having everyone bored by the time I finished ordering) :-p so I think I'm better off getting some off menu stuff or cooking what I want to guarantee fresh tasty food when I eat it! 
I hate myself now, I'm pretty much every thing ...
I find myself getting mad just because of how they rush you to order your food, so I end up getting anything because they did not give me a chanch to know what it is i really want. Then when i ask questions they get mad, but I'm the one who have to eat it.
"I know I want something that's not on this menu."

And yet you never hear of a restaurant patron being shot by a waiter.  Amazing.
My voice goes about 4 octaves higher. I have no idea why! My friends call it my "stranger voice." 
I don't know which one i am but my bf is definitely the apologetic , indecisive one ! I would slap him if he was macho douche !!
Hi there! What's F&B?! I'm sorry- I'm just really curious as to what that
stands for, for some reason lol.
OMG I'm an idiot- food and beverage sorry it just came to me- somehow I looked up this conversation almost 2 weeks later and I now am thinking I must have been drunk on the 10th or was my b-day weekend...
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