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Is this kind of marriage proposals cute or, dare we say... cheesy?

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I love chinese! If a girl proposed to me like this it would be the best!
Bad phrasing.
Better: you will soon meet the love of the rest of your life
Lucky Numbers: date of proposal.
David, you probably want to use past tense there as it " You have met the love of your life, Marry me!" otherwise she might be tempted to see who this new guy is :)
it's a very nice way to someone to marry you..
cute, especially if a chinese dinner or fortune cookie has special meaning to their relationship.
:D My husband totally proposed to me with a custom printed fortune cookie (my full name , will you marry me?) on the bridge over the koi pond at my fav restaurant. We had custom made fortune cookies in bright red with different personal sayings/messages in them for our reception favors. We still have the proposal 'fortune' in a silver keepsake fortune cookie shaped case. :)
Oh by the way; I totally think the proposal was cheesy. Classic cheese. Thankfully, cheese is my favorite. ;)
Proposal does'nt matter spending whole liife matter 
As long as she doesn't eat it and choke to death on that rock. I hope he knew the Heimlich Maneuver just in case..
@Elizabeth Lee - so I guess either you are already married or men / women are just waiting in line to marry you? LMAO!!!!!😝😝😝😜😜😜
Ahhhw that is very sweet!!!!!!! :)
Totally adorable!!!!
My first thought when I saw this.... "Who in the world would want to marry a fortune cookie?" lol!
My second thought was that it was cute. :)
How did they put the ring in the fortunte cookie 
Funny story, just a few months ago my cousin proposed to his girlfriend (now fiancé) through a fortune cookie!
Janae B
that is so cute OMG. i will love that
omg!! thats soooooo sweeet!!!
Janae B
+Kasey Keith  i think it so sweeet. think you i have to agee with you
This is getting close to the same status as proposing at a sporting event. Cute the first couple of times you read about someone doing it. After that it loses it's charm. Years from now the wife will be telling the story and it will elicit moans of sympathy, and much eye rolling. Better to go with something else.
It's cheesy- complicating the lives of servers and worsening the experience of other diners, most of whom are light years away (and possibly squirming) from such a spectacle, on such a busy day is not romantic. It's thoughtless. A truly romantic marriage proposal shouldn't have to rely on the crutch of a holiday.
I think the guy has it wrapped.... Lol
Very romantic and classic. It says much abt the guy. 
My father proposed to my step mother this way. It was beautiful. Original and sweet. 
I think it's cute. And considering he knows I always love the fortune cookies and he doesn't. This one would work well on me 
that's cute baby ;D I might be faint 
It's awesome no matter how it is asked+patt
If this looks cheesy to you, then true love must have never happened In your life!! If you have experienced true love, you would take a plastic bubble gum ring inside a doughnut and be over joyed!!
I like it. Anyone that takes the time to do something special is a keeper in my book. Seems sweet and loving!!
OMG if Someone do that to me I wont think it, I'll say yesss
I really,think its kinda sweet,who dnt like food an a ring personaly,i dnt care for the ring or the food never be that dumb agian lol.
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