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Headed to the beach anytime soon?

Photo of Seabridge Restaurant on the Baltic island of Ruegen, Germany:
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Heading to Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, and Isle of Palm in SC this weekend!!
I am astounded that that house is permitted to be built and fenced off on a beach.  Can people really own a piece of the beach and the sea floor on which the stakes are driven into?
breathtaking. pardon my ignorance, but where is this? thanks.
It's a nice house but I would have to pitch a tent up on the sand for I would  be  afraid to sleep over the water
Life started from ocean and ended up on land .... now it seems we r going back to ocean......clear sign of the end of life
Looks lovely. I just checked the weather there; Max temp for next 7 days 18degC and rain every day. It's June and it's even worse than UK, and that's awful
yeah that what i'm hoping
Matt V
I think this is fake. The proportions aren't right & I can't find it anywhere. Also where is the plumbing for water, waste, etc.?
Matt V
Just look at the size of the birds on the beach. 
but how else would he get it Matt V????!!!!!! :(
Looks cool, but I can't help remembering a story about building your house on rock.i would hate to be reminded of the end of the story if that was my house.
he is far away though so they are tiny ok??!! Matt V
Running under the boardwalk I'd assume. Or buried in the sand.
Matt V
Thank you Zagat for clarifying! 
A wonderful tea house (widely common in one point of time) ... no pipelines needed ;).
Very nice. I will try to visit the place in my trip.
this is amazing. It is so beautiful!
Maybe it's me, but I'd scared a big wave would come along and knock this down. The water and ocean are beautiful though.
I'm not sure when. Was the Big Rock this past week?
that's beautiful! i always wanted to go to Germany.
It looks like amzez balls its amzing i would so laugh if it was a resturant
Lou Eva
i love that view 
wow! its so NICE!! (:
What a beautiful thought, the reality and beauty that lies within endless possibilities and peace of mind.
has anyone  been to the beach yet if you have u r a beach someone told me that
wow thats beautiful i wish i could live there
Hurricanes don't form in that part of the world.
okkkkkkkkkkkkkkk? so its a house in the lake?
and faboo beach house cause i might be going ther this summer in july
which beach is it and nice house by the way beautiful <3
thats goregous, sucks if flooded though.
Looks like I'll be adding "Trip to the Baltics" to my bucket list...
+Chee Yow they don't own the land. The sea bridge is state property and was rebuilt with state money after it had been destroyed by the ice in a winter (some time in the 1980's I think).
Not to be a downer, but someday those poles are going to collapse, and that billion dollar house will fall into the ocean and fade away.

But everything dies eventually, it's a part of life. What's the point of something if it'll never end.
Wow. Just like in the movie. Nice shot. :)
I OWN a beach. (Not trying to brag.)
it would be so cool to live there
That is so pretty!!!! I wish that I was there
They have one very similar in Gravesend, Kent, Britain. It's a beautiful place over looking the Thames.
I want to go there with her beloved
It tells you on the title and this is a restaurant. ( I wish it was a house :3
It's very beutiful though huh? )
This is a beautiful house.  I would love to have one for us.
Wow that looks like a castle more than a restaurant. What is it called and were is it? Does that place surve good food? 
Looks like paradise :)
That is beautiful.  Next stop...Baltic Island
Amy Lee
What the hell is this
I adore iiiit soooooo much
I wanna b there really..,
The world is a beautiful place as portrayed in your picture.
The world is a beautiful place regardless 
that is a nice place, the food is expensive for us. but the view is the best. there are a couple places like this on the Ostee. 
that looks like the place i want to go when i grow up
Do you guys like your uncle Daylan new house?
S Lund
i want tha thouse lol
They should have gone android, big mistake I think
Sorry, wrong post lol
Wow, what a place to go to and enjoy!
I wish that was my house like dam :( 
One of the most beautiful sites I have seen in a long time. Great Pic!
wow wut if u know a sharks or some thing hits the sticks and they brake
umm...... now i am!!! wheres the nearest airport!!!!!!! ;)
what squid? LOL

This image is beautiful
if i had a boyfriend i would kiss him in front of that place.
now that is beach house
that is beautiful it would suck if there was a flooding or a strong earthquake
even if they built that, germans don't deserve to own or live in such things in life. they are nazis. they need punishment.
obviously this is not real, but nice!!! There are not enough pillars to stand the whole building.
Blake B
What an incredible location. I hope the food is good too!
(lumberjack walks on the beach)
Hey look a log!
(Whacks supporter of restraunt)
owner: Oh CRAP
baltic sea, yay!  i'm estonian.  go there.  it's beautiful.  i'm serious. 
They know the rule of thirds!
if you know vince ask him about seasteads and such
Omg ..the house and the sun set  are So Pretty !<3
How nice it would be to live there...
nature is beautiful
Amazing sunset and interesting location....
You too can own beautiful property like this one. All you have to do is work hard, go to school, and have an inflated sense of self-worth.
Ridiculous! How does the pier take the weight? So beautiful though
What a very nice place!...Hope I could dine there.
i would give anything to live there
For those who don't want to get their feet dirty.  The one percent!
im in vietnam
my name is Lien
Wow that's pretty impressive. I'd hate to see what happens if a storm brews.
Similar one's in San Diego on almost all beaches
this is NOT a House, it is a Restaurant, ice cream place, people sit and have coffee. 
Wow that is scary! Hopefully there will not be any hurricanes in that area!
could you imagen that hurricane holy crap :)
yes it is beautiful!!!  the name of the town is Sellin. i live in Binz, five miles away from this location. you should come here if you´re ever going to germany in summer. please google: Binz Ruegen
E Herz
oh... I wanna visit it
wish can be happen within this year
Actually, I'm going to Hawaii on Monday, smirksmirk
Oh wow, I want to go there!!!
That picture makes me want to go to Germany more than ever.
This reminds me of what the second pier in Brighton, UK might have looked like one day - now its a wreck stranded off the beach....
Questa foto mi fa venir voglia di scappare via e di aprire un bar sulla spiaggia.
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