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Hangout Reminder! We're hosting +Anthony Bourdain today at 12pm EST to talk to us about life in general and some of his upcoming projects. If you've wished you could go to go to dinner with him... well, this is pretty close.

If you want to join the Hangout, RSVP to the event page here: and be sure you've added +ZAGAT to your circles! Then come back to this page at 12pm EST today and try to grab one of the nine open spots.

Before we get started, check out what's coming up with Tony's new tour at 

We hope to see you soon! 
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A big fan of +Anthony Bourdain It is not just culinary adventure but also a show that teach us to see life in different perspectives and witness real people and real culture of every country that +Anthony Bourdain visited.
Hi +Anthony Bourdain - having read your books, I know you're a pretty exotic eater, but what's the most "challenging" dish you've ever eaten, and where was it dished up?
I like his show but I always feel like he only tells you half of the story. Almost as if the night life can be a whole other show. 
I just want to know, "What's up with the blood sausage?"
i love his show, but wish i can travel and taste the world with him
My wife wants to know what happened with No Reservations? The last promo she saw sounded like the series was ending.
What's the best mistake you have ever made?
I just bought Kitchen Confidential for my Ipod this morning.  Awesome.
Great to see +Anthony Bourdain! I've actually had dinner with him before LOL!! The hangout is a close second ;)
Love the first couple of season of NR when everything was new and fresh. It's been quite a journey. Thank you for the ride Tony
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