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Some restaurants pay more attention to their restrooms than others. Take a look at our list of 9 Sexy Bathrooms From Restaurants Around the U.S.:

What bathrooms in your area should be on this list?

Photo of The Bedford, Chicago, IL:
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When I think of the bathroom, Sexy doesn't usually come to mind lol. Creative story idea +ZAGAT! I can dig it. 
yeah, because a dirty and unpleasant toilet will not even influence the food prepared even in the slightest... lol. i can't figure out why humans are incapable of leaving and maintaining a CLEAN!! toilet and restroom area. boggles my mind, especially the 'toilet seat' war. lol, hilariously pathetic.
Any Stephen Starr restaurants in Philly. They always have some fun catch to them. 
With Bathrooms that Beautiful, the PriceTags are sure to be "Mean" and "Ugly"
ive designed nice comfortable bathrooms the way nice..
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