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Heading to Austin, Texas for #SXSW next month? We’ve got a digital guide of Austin’s Best Restaurants from the 2012 Texas Restaurants Guide:

Here are some of the top picks:

Top Food
1. Uchi -
2. Louie Mueller -
3. Barley Swine -
4. Snow’s BBQ -
5. Carillon -

Most Popular
1. Eddie V’s -
2. Uchi* -
3. Salt Lick -
4. Uchiko -
5. Wink -
(* indicates a tie with restaurant above)

1. Louie Mueller -
2. Snow’s BBQ -
3. Franklin Barbecue -

Bar Scenes
1. Second Bar -
2. La Condesa -
3. Highball -

Food Trucks
1. East Side King -
2. Flip Happy -
3. Three Little Pig -

1. Fonda San Miguel -
2. Texas Chili -
3. Matt’s El Ranch -

(Photo via Thelonious Gonzo on Flickr)
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SXSW is great, if you are going, you will have a great time!
Franklin BBQ - soooo good. Two words: espresso sauce.
Hut's Hamburgers is the ultimate place to get the best cheeseburgers, onion rings and frosty milkshakes!!! It is a MUST!!! It's been there since 1939.....Hut's should be on your iconic list, ZAGAT!
nice i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Another typo: should be "Texas Chili Parlor"
ايه ده
من المعقول ان المدينة تبقى بهذا الشكل
ربنا يستر
هذا سجن مخادع
Good to see Matt's, Uchi and Salt Lick on your list, but I can't believe you didn't include Rudy's Barbecue. Iconic Austin at its best.
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