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Yvonne de la Vega
Los Angeles poet.
Los Angeles poet.


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remember the real sound of rock 'n roll? it hits you in the gut and steals a heartbeat so your stomach turns a little and then you think you're gonna cry but instead you get relieved that there's something real out there after all and you're like, "damn that's good."

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Punchline by Yvonne de la Vega
A visitation from Martin Luther King.

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This was one of the best moments this year. And Bianca graduating from LA Film School.

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I love appearing at ART SHARE. The venue is a theater with sound that is audio acoustics perfection and it's got the coolest vibe due to our host Lee Boek and his team of gourmandes. 

Oh man, the spread of various wines and edibles offered is superb. Really, nothing less than 1st Class in taste, and offered quite generously so.  The homemade salads and other dishes were out of this world when I was there in September,  obviously made with love and we all know what that tastes like.  Come out on the 7th and let's make a toast to Downtown L.A. and Art Share together.

Man oh man, there is nothing like homemade hospitality for an evening of GREAT poetry.  I CAN'T WAIT!! 

Come out to one of the best poetry venues L.A.'s got happening. Come out and you'll see what I mean...  <3

Okay I'll do better than that, here's an Introductory Poem:

Tomorrow, Yvonne

I am 
Ann Sexton
plagued by 
the demons
running from 
room to room
chasing shadows 
of the days
when once 
I was 
Anais Nin

~ Yvonne de la Vega

Poets of G+... saying hello.

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