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Spider or aztec mask?
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hehehe, true ? a mask or a spider?
uh, no thanks. Don't care. LoL I hate spiders
Yes, it is an amazing pattern! He looks like he has several set of eyes! But yeah, me too...don't like spiders either..
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee spider no way don't like their look
+Kathy Morlock I remembered you like spider pics, have you seen this one yet?? LOL
Very, very cool.... I wonder what kind of spider it is... must find out :D Thanks Yvonne !
I can't find proof that it is an actual spider.. maybe someone will know in the "spider world"
+Kathy Morlock Haha!! leave it to my detective friend to question if it's real or not!! I hadn't even thought about that! Too funny! Yeah, now I'm gonna look it up to see if this funny-looking thing exists!! lol ;o)))
I looked it up and couldn't find it as a "real" spider..
+Kathy Morlock I'm so gullible! I forget people use fancy imaging software. Thanks for the heads up!
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