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Mandarin Duck

Photo courtesy of: Juza Photo
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+Pieter Pretorius LOL....Yes, it's definitely real...The first one I ever saw was here on G+ and I thought the same...real or not?? haha:o)
Amazing color and clarity.
wow!!!!!!!!!!! its sooooooooo beautiful.
This is ridiculously awesome!
+Steve Camm According to the photographer's caption it's a Mandarin Duck:o)
That's a piece of beauty you don't see everyday. Very Nice!
+李琳 Thank you for the history on this bird...Good information!!
Such a of the nature's beautiful creation
too good to be real !!!-- he ike rekhiv ani gaud ani artistic aahe ki he chitra watate chitratit soundarya ka kay mhantat te -- this is a paradox kahi chitre itki hube hub astat ki photo watawa ani ha photo matra chitra watatey :)
Colors.......Ahaan.......anyhow awesome
Though having a duck's beak,this doesn'look like one?still nice colors
Just like painting like the colors...
Really Nice.. it gave me good feeling :)
Very nice photo and beautiful too
if their so special why r they called super bitches - hints the name
Beautiful, lovely colors and great diffused background!!
r u kidding ...or my mind is not in to believe it's best
Angelique , even the water looks too unwrinkled to be real .
must not be real. . . ! is it so. . .?
The colours on this bird are beautiful! I would love to see one of these up close!
Nata m
Pritty pretty, pritty colourful, and pritty amazing :D
God loves beauty.that little bird show us that.
Very nice....even better photography...
Very Sweet pic....................................>
oooooooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don Kay
OMG you should win some kind of award. Is that really the way the look? Not just the incredible colors, but the definition. I'm amazed. Good job and follow your talent.
Fantastic photo! The water doesn't look like water at all. Colors are amazing!
waoooooooo, its so beautiful:)
Isn't that the most beautiful thing you've ever seen
Deb H
oh...................................................................... oh ya. Sweet.
simply amazing photo
Is this natural Or art ? I am confused !
body full with colours....eyes small n cute....
the way the feathers look is like a beautiful art form.
Seems unreal. Lol. Angry birds in ONE...
WOW, that is really beautiful
here is one more:
It never ceases to amaze me just how gorgeous nature's creations are!
oo that soooooooooo cute
wow, I'm of to buy that thing now.
omg, i love how God creates such wonderful things...<3
I think that ducks just trying to say "Well fuck you peacocks."
It is gorgeous, and it is an actual Design Branch ..
I am going straight to the salon with this picture.
that is the coolest and cute duck I have ever seen
im not very knowledgeable with birds so my first impression was a google bird. Hehehe. Nice photo though. ^__^
"...and they said I was a quack for wearing so many colours."
The coolest duck EVER!
A piece of color .... swimming.
aww, so adorable!
adorable duck. where does it live?
Wow.......!!!!!! it'z too nice........
Matt V
So that's what I'm eating when I order mandarin duck!?! Sweet!
Ziy a
سبحان الخالق...
It doesn't look real. What a cute colorful duck.
Is it true? I have not seen a color full bird like this in my life
Ok, somebody tell that bird to pick a color scheme! LOL!
it looks like a google duck....
that is one colorful duck
No need for traffic signals with this duck.
SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!! I want one sooo bad!!!!!!
Awesome colorization!! I didn't know there were ducks of this color!!
You mean that's real? It's gorgeous!
Absolutely beautiful photography. Stunning color.
+Joan McClure Yes, this little bird is probably the most popular image I've ever posted...I couldn't believe how much attention this cute little birdie got...haha:o)
Thanks for all the plusses and great comments!! :o))
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