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Yvonne Heimann
Yvonne Heimann, the Simon Cowell of G+
Yvonne Heimann, the Simon Cowell of G+

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Healthy McDonalds, Super Tinder and Facebook listening...
I have to say my contributions was quiet "tongue in cheek" this week ;)

*What's happening this week?

Updates on #blab  & #inbound15 , Apple and more in this week's #firehosefriday  video.


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Happy to be back at #tedxsac today ;)

Happy Birthday, +Jason Frasca!
Enjoy your day and celebrate!!!

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Is your website loosing you clients?

Google is changing their algorithm yet again. Why? Because mobile search ( smartphones and tablets) have surpassed desktop search.

♠ What does that mean for you?

That means if your site is not mobile friendly, you will drop off search results.

♠ What does mobile friendly mean?

Have you ever been on a website using your smartphone or iPad and you had to pinch and zoom, trying to choose a menu item and you just can't get it. Everything just seems way to small even for your tiny fingers?! Yes, That's NOT mobile friendly!

♠ Why is that important? I just use my website as online business card.

Good point You might just have a few pages up there to tell people who you are... Now imaging you went to a chamberer mixer, handed out your information and someone looks you up, because you are just what they needed. They want to know more... They want to meet YOU

They are on your homepage, frantically trying to put together a few reasons why the big boss should go with your services and they can't hit the "service" button in your menu because it's not optimized for mobile.... And this client is gone.

So no matter what Google does or say it should be important to you... because it's important to your viewers!

Contact +Ask Yvi  today to get your free evaluation and find out if your webpage is loosing you clients.

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My #cloudwars from last weekend :)
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