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Yvette Le Blowitz
Founder of Spa it Girl - Author, Spa Travel Reviewer, Blogger, Influencer
Founder of Spa it Girl - Author, Spa Travel Reviewer, Blogger, Influencer


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Add Base Coat Nail Salon to your Must Try #SPAITGIRL
Self Care Must Try List!

Click on the below post to read all about our Spa it Girl LA
Contributor Alexa Coughlin's experience.

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You can now have a 'Non Toxic" Say It With Polish​ Mani at inTherapy​ one of Australia's Leading Cruelty Free Beauty Salon's.

I am super excited to share that ALEXA COUGHLIN has Joined our Spa it Girl Team.

ALEXA COUGHLIN is a photographer filmmaker and Los Angeles Based and she loves visiting Spa's and Practicing
Self Care as Much as I do and we do.

I can't wait for you to read her reviews and for my Spa it Girl
blog to be sharing more LA Hotspots with you too.

I truly wish I could visit every Spa, Beauty, Hair, Nail Bar in the World - however as you know there is only so much one person can do - however by having other beautiful inspirations who are on the same page as me!

It means all of our LA readers and Audience, Followers will now get real insights into very cool places in LA to be a Spa it Girl at.

If you know of a place in LA we should visit besure to email: to tell us all about it.

Love & Light Always
Yvette xoxo
a.k.a Spa it Girl

I am still on instagram @Spaitgirl

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Spa it Girl NYC Contributor Genevieve Wollenbecker gives us the low down on what it was like to be a Spa it Girl at Body By Brooklyn in Brooklyn.

Click on the below link to read the full review.

Hashtag #SPAITGIRL to share your Spa Moments and if you have a favourite Spa or a SPA or Beauty Salon and would love to be featured on Spa it Girl email: to let us know.

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Happy #Spaitgirl Self Love Sunday

On this Week's Spa it Girl Talk Show Podcast Podcast: I interview Yasmin Boarder, founder of The Soak Life​ who has made a life & business out of her own self care bath ritual.

If you have always dreamed of living your own dreams, creating your own brand or business, products, or becoming your own girl boss but don't know how to start or to fearful of following your passion or inner dream - then you will love this!

Also if you feel like you need to take better care of yourself instead of worrying about everyone else than you will also love this Self Care! Inspiration which I wanted to share especially with you.

In Support Spa it Girl Talk Show Podcast I would love for you to Subscribe to my iTunes Podcast!

Then take a listen to this week's 10 minutes podcast then leave a 5* Rating and Review at the end in support and love! So I can bring more exclusive content and words of wisdom for you and to you!

This Spa it Girl Talk Show Podcast that I have created is 100% self made and independent! so naturally with more people subscribing and leaving a 5* rating and review - plus telling their friends and family too! the more Podcast Equipment and things I can bring to you!

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How Exciting!

Today Marks The First Spa it Girl Review in LONDON
thanks to our Contributor Lila Valentina who visited Ushvani who had her first Malaysian Inspired Day Spa Experience in Knightsbridge, London.

Click on the below link to read all about it and re-share also!

How Exciting - Today Mark's The First Official

Spa it Girl London Review and it's thanks to our
dedicated Spa it Girl Contributor Lila Valentina
who just had her first Day Spa Experience at Ushvani
a Malaysian Inspired Spa in Knightsbridge, London

Click on the Link to Read all about it at Spa it Girl

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Episode 14 of the Spa it Girl Talk Show is OUT NOW.

This week I catch up with Fiona Tuck who is Expert Nutritionist and I ask her all kinds of things like:

What Foods Can We Eat For Glowing Skin?

Good Gut Health?

Should we be taking a pro-boitic or pre-biotic?

Is it ok to drink water with a meal or does it slow your digestive down?

What can we do if we are suffering from IBS?

What time should we be eating dinner really at night?

What is Intermittent Fasting?

What does she think about the latest Instagram Social Media Trends?

Plus so much more - it's really great if you want to kind out more about healthy eating, glowing skin, good gut health, and I also ask her what she eats in her own day?

Plus a GO TO meal that anyone could make even if they live on their own and super busy and on the go all the time!

Subscribe to my PODCAST on iTunes and leave a 5* Rating and Review too!!!

Plus tag 3 besties so they know - the world has a brand new PODCAST to tune into yeh!!!!


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I am super excited to share that you can now SHOP our Spa it Girl Curated Collection click on the below link to check out this week's favourite things! and also when you get a chance take a read of this blog post as it fills you in on all of the gossip!

Re-share or tag three of your bests to let them know also!!!

What a Wonderful World - besure to follow my brand new
instagram page also which is: @Spaitgirlshop


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This week on the Spa it Girl Talk Show PODCAST on iTunes I catch up with Fiona Tuck who is an Expert Nutritionist and I find out all things like:

How we can eat healthy.

Is it ok to wake up and have a coffee first thing in the morning or should we be going for a glass of warm water with lemon in it?

What is Intermittent Fasting?

What can we do if we are experiencing IBS? or poor gut health?

What foods can we eat for Glowing Skin? Lifting a Down Mood?

What does a plate on the day look like for her?

What's her Skincare Routine - considering she has such glowing skin?

Should we be taking a Pre-Botic or a Pro-Botic?

Plus I ask her so much more and it's very much a great frank discussion about all things Healthy Eat, Food, Diet, Lifestyle, Skincare, Spa and Self Care!

If you loved listening to today's #SPAITGIRLTALKSHOW #PODCAST and you would like to listen to even more!

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As you know for any show to carry on it has to have the support of it's audience and it's listeners and as I am making them especially for you in hope it will inspire you to learn, grow, be inspired to become your happiest, healthiest self if I can see enough people are interested and love it and want more!

Then a bit like my PODCAST art-work it will be onwards and upwards the listeners have spoken! Power to the People!
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