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I did not expect this: a book about Go from Brian Kerninghan and Alan Donovan.  It's just in pre-order and is already the Amazon #1 best seller for programming languages.

I hope they have a digital version at some point - but I pre-ordered the physical copy anyway.

Alan is a member of the Go team and created the "go oracle" among other things. His code and code reviews are exceptionally elegant. This is going to be good.

(via golang-nuts@)
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I pre-ordered yesterday! Super cool!
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Yves Junqueira

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Hello friend, why don't you come outside for a quick picnic?
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+Yves Junqueira
Tool using big predators :O

I for one welcome our new furry overlords.
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Yves Junqueira

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No surprise this Brazilian comic graphic novel had no ratings in Comixology. Bloody Mandacaru appears in the app, but it costs more than stuff from Neil Gaiman. Crazy publisher?
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Yves Junqueira

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This is a nice and short video. I did not know that the Black Panthers originated in response to police abuse. 
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Thanks to +Bill Broadley, the DHT library now supports IPv6. More testing would be welcomed!
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+Bill Broadley I think both #1 and #4 are reasonable.  I'd maybe ask around more experienced DHT people about possible subtle problems with #4 that we aren't aware.
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The best review of Elite Dangerous so far, with 100% gameplay footage ;-).
This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Elite: Dangerous. Previous Next Developed by Frontier Developments. Published by Frontier Developments. Released Dec 16, 2014. Available on PC. Can't wait for next week's Zero Punctuation? Check out Yahtzee's weekly column. Be sure to join the Zero Punctuation Facebook Fan Page.
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Go Space Commander Yahtzee The Second!
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Have him in circles
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Yves Junqueira

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Can't wait to put this in all my hobby projects.
"""Today, we are open sourcing gRPC, a brand new framework for handling remote procedure calls. It’s BSD licensed, based on the recently finalized HTTP/2 standard, and enables easy creation of highly performant, scalable APIs and microservices in many popular programming languages and platforms. Internally at Google, we are starting to use gRPC to expose most of our public services through gRPC endpoints as part of our long term commitment to HTTP/2."""
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Yves Junqueira

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The new Sandman books are among the most beautiful comics I've ever read. They are intimidating - which fits well with the character and the story. (I won't recommend the books yet, they are still on #4 and the story is moving slowly)
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+Yves Junqueira​ thats true. I have a hard decision to make! :O
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Yves Junqueira

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I plan to break the API of the DHT library a bit, for cleanups. First to remove two previously deprecated methods (which have been documented for a while). Second to rename a method from "PeersRequest" to "RequestPeer" or so. If you have any concerns or suggestions please let me know.
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Yves Junqueira

ARSE - Allied Reserve Special Executive  - 
As a Brazilian, wannabe member of ARSE and with no maturity, I have found the perfect home system: Bunda. See:

It's in a great location, one jump away from the Founder's world.
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Yves Junqueira

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I didn't read the books, but from the 3 movies I did, Hermione was the badass of the gang. But her awesomeness was eclipsed by wizards, for no good reason. This is an alternative story.
If you haven't seen this yet, stop what you're doing and check it out. It's beyond awesome.
Hermione Granger and the Goddamn Patriarchy.
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Yves Junqueira

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Macro-economics move very slowly, and interesting stuff really only happen once or twice a year. The rest is newspaper fillings. Today, something big is happening for Swiss residents.

The Swiss Central Bank removed minimum rate with the EUR. The Euro is already seeing a 16% devaluation against the CHF, today. In fact, the EUR is having a bad day against all currencies - including the USD.

The next days will be very interesting.
The central bank also said it would be cutting rates further into negative territory, sending the franc soaring against other currencies.
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Besides, not very helpful to get a 'raise' and expecting your employer to make cuts to adjust with new reality (not my case, I hope).
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