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If you stopped using Google Talk / Hangouts, give it another try after you get this update.
Hangouts 2.1 for Android: SMS improvements and a homescreen widget

Today we’re launching the newest version of Hangouts for Android, rolling out to the Play store ( over the next few days. Highlights include:

- Merged conversations: SMS and Hangout conversations with the same recipient are now combined into a single conversation. You can control whether you want to send a message via Hangouts or SMS with the flip of a switch, and different message types will be easy to tell apart in the conversation. Of course, you can always merge and unmerge conversations if you’d like.

- Simplified contact list: now there’s two main sections in contacts — People you Hangout With, and Phone Contacts — making it simpler to navigate, and easier to use for SMS.

- Homescreen widget: add the Hangouts widget to your homescreen for quick access to your recent conversations.

- Performance improvements: today’s update includes better quality video calls, as well as improved SMS and MMS reliability.

The new version will be available in the Play store ( this week, so download or update and let us know what you think!

#hangouts #googleplusupdate 
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Kun Li
Still no Google voice integration: (
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+Carla Bosco is an aspiring Tech Writer. She is looking for open source projects with documentation needing improvement., so I pointed her at the web site.

She would like to make a few changes in the structure of a few documents. What do you think, +Francesc Campoy Flores ?

Curiously, she'll have to follow the "Contribution Guidelines" document, which is one of the pages needing a bit of tech writer love :).
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Cool. She didn't do anything yet, though.
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If this is half as good as Alpha Centauri, that would be awesome. I wonder why they didn't call it Alpha Centauri 2 - different gameplay?

Also, they show Rio de Janeiro and someone speaking Brazilian Portuguese around 1:00.

The trailer doesn't show any gameplay, but I'm considering spending the next 1h19 watching this Let's Play Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Part 1: Three Wars in One Hour, in expectation :).

via +John Beisley 
Take my money! #civilizationbeyondearth  via +John Fillers and many more!
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+Yves Junqueira Perhaps Brazilian Portuguese was the "alien sound of choice" :)
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Yves Junqueira

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Go meet up in ZRH, yay!
Gophers of ZRH and area, we're organizing a Meetup for Apr 14th with +Francesc Campoy Flores. Spread the word!
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Had a productive evening. Decided that a piece of my DHT in Go needed a rewrite. Noticed it had no tests, so I started by writing those. It turns out that piece had 3 or so big bugs since the dawn of mankind, ouch. So I've fixed those - the rewrite will have to come later.

Also I fought OSX's gdb and lost. Couldn't make that piece of crap work, so printf for the win.

Last but not least, it snowed here in Zurich today! It wasn't enough to go sledding with the kids in the lawn, but it was pretty anyway.

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if does not have tests, it is usually broken.
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Have him in circles
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Yves Junqueira

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Arrr recoil.
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Yves Junqueira

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Most recent weather report indicates we are currently GO for launch! Watch live at
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Someone recorded the webcast: Falcon 9 Rocket Launch 4/18/2014
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We had a big battle against the Java Empire in a hackathon at work this week. Not all combatants survived :(.
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+Robert Zaremba from somebody at Google Zurich. You buy them from here:
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I don't see how this acquisition makes sense, but I hope they make a kickass product.
Facebook is acquiring Oculus VR, the virtual-reality goggle company.

The CTO of Oculus VR is John Carmack (yes, that John Carmack).

Lots of fun in perspective!
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Uli S
Carmack working for Facebook ... who would've thought?
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+Luuk van Dijk I am pretty sure it was a space giraffe.

And I honestly can't tell if your first comment was ironic. :-P When I posted, it did seem like something finally meaningful had been found.
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Have him in circles
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  • travel. Our family is slowly discovering Europe.
  • PS3 games like Skyrim, MW3 and Diablo 3.
Most of my public posts are in English, but I may occasionally write something in Portuguese. You can use a Google Chrome extension to translate such posts, if you want.
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The cappucino was ok but the food was just average.
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