Look at this spot of rainbow! What a lucky man to find this.

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Curvy Photographs

I really like curved lines. I was reminded of this last weekend when my friend Mike Osborne showed me some of his junkyard abstracts on his iPad. All the photographs were wonderful and imaginative, but the ones I liked best often had curves. And many of my own favorite photographs have curves too. Curves look organic, and sensuous, and add a certain visual flow to a photograph that’s hard to generate without them.

This is a photograph from Mono Lake a couple of summers ago. +Claudia Welsh, Kirk Keeler and I were finishing dinner at the Whoa Nellie Deli when I spotted a rainbow outside. We hurriedly drove toward the nearest viewpoint I could think of and found the rainbow still there, trailed by a shaft of sunlight slicing through the rain - a pretty amazing sight.

Luckily that viewpoint allowed us to include that curving shoreline below the rainbow. I think that curve adds a lot to this photograph; without it the image would contain only straight lines, and would feel much more static. The curve adds a graceful note and a touch of visual energy.

As I said, I really like curves. Here's a small portfolio of curvy images:


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