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Last October at AppSecUSA I spoke about some security tools we were working on, and on Wednesday I gave a talk on Air Mozilla, our webcasting service about Minion.  Minion is a security automation tool that makes it easy for anyone to use web security tools and is an open source project.  You can lean more about our Security Automation Engineering team and Minion in this talk!

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Is there a way to turn off "What's Hot on Google+"?

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is addressed jointly to the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, the Minister of Foreign Affairs (John Baird), the Minister of Heritage (James Moore), and my Member of Parliament (Libby Davies).

It has come to my attention that there is legislation under consideration in the United States that will have a dramatic impact on the Internet as a global resource.

In particular, the Stop Internet Piracy Online act seeks to impose American laws and American jurisdiction on any site or service that relies on services that depend on American businesses or American controlled organizations.

In particular, this legislation would subject many Canadian businesses to an American style "notice and take-down" scheme that is contrary to the proposed Canadian policies of "notice and notice" for Intellectual Property infringement. Any Canadian company that fits the following criteria would be subject to the law:

- using a .com, .net, or .org registrar
- receiving advertising revenue from an American company
- receiving search traffic from an American company

A great deal more information can be found about this site, but this will have a massive chilling effect on the Internet by introducing arcane business requirements that are technically complex to enforce, and legally difficult to challenge.

I urge you to use your leverage as representatives of our Country and reach out to your American counterparts and contacts to inform them that you will not tolerate interference in our efforts to build a strong, Canadian information economy.

Thank you,
Yvan Boily
Vancouver, BC

First off, I moved this response off of the blog because these responses are my perspective rather than the perspective of Mozilla or the Web App Sec team even though they probably agree with me :D

@ShaneEvansHP asked an interesting question on Buy vs Build and maintenance costs on Twitter, but the 140 character limit makes it challenging to have a meaningful response.

We decided to build this tool because we saw a gap in open source tooling, and we needed to fill it. There is no shortage of commercial offerings, or powerful open source frameworks for testing, but after settling on goals for test integration, we found there was a gap.

Unfortunately in my initial response to Shane on twitter I may have given the impression that we don't use commercial products; that is not the case! The point I was trying to make was that even though a commercial product may have a lower cost of ownership on the balance sheet, it means choosing a small financial saving at the cost of building a dependency on tools that our community might not have available.

Building Garmr and supporting it into the future creates a new tool that anyone can use and contribute to, and furthers the core Mozilla mission of making the Internet better.
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