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Sencha demonstrates HTML 5 can be faster than native iOS or Android apps (Facebook example)

You've heard that Facebook switched from HTML 5 to "native" apps on iOS and Android recently to "speed them up." That pissed off the developers from Sencha

So they built a Facebook app completely in HTML 5 that's even faster than the native Android and iOS apps that Facebook released last week. 

Sencha builds HTML 5 programming tools and here we discuss the market for app developers and the choices they have to make. Later today I'll be at Facebook and will ask them more about why they can't match the speed Sencha displays here.

This blew away many of my assumptions of native vs. HTML 5 and proved that I was wrong when I said that the reason Facebook's app was faster was because it was native. 

Did it change your assumptions?

Attached here is the video I shot at my house on Friday. 

More from Sencha: 

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- HTML5 Is Ready App Contest:
- Blog post on tech details:

剛開始一個全新的軌道 !!

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RIP Neil

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