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Yuval Rishu Sanders
What does a mirror look like?
What does a mirror look like?

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I think everyone should watch this excellent lecture.

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I finally found out the speed of an unladen swallow... though apparently, I meant European.

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Unbelievable. If you like guitar music AT ALL, you must watch!

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Too much of science "journalism" is in fact poorly disguised press releases. It's disgusting.

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Nicely recoloured version of a famous photograph
The smartest scientific minds of our planet in ONE picture!

This image is just mind-blowing.  It was originally captured in 1927 at the Solvay Conference, attended by some of the most brilliant scientists in history. Notable attendees included Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Marie Curie, Erwin Schrödinger, Werner Heisenberg, Wolfgang Pauli, Paul Dirac and Louis de Broglie. More than half of the attendees went onto win the Nobel Prize in either Physics or Chemistry. Marie Curie actually won the prize in both fields. She remains the only scientist in history to have done so.

The original picture is black & white but a Swedish female artist successfully colorized it and posted it on reddit where it became an instant classic. Not only that, she's made it available on the internet for free.

This one definitely deserves to be shared further for the world to print and put up as a poster. A more epic gathering cannot be imagined.

Hi-Res Download:
Artist's Website:

#photography   #mindblown  

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This is what I'm watching instead of sleeping.

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"The Higgs discovery emerged as a single sudden announcement, but over the last two years an equally important discovery has slowly come into focus, one small piece of data from the LHC at a time. Unlike the case of the Higgs, this discovery has been a vigorous slap in the face to the theoretical particle physics community, telling us in no uncertain terms that we’ve been wasting most of our time for the past thirty years. For these three decades, the subject has been dominated by research into an elaborate speculative scenario which has been investigated in exhaustive detail." (Peter Woit)

For my part, as a young and aspiring theoretical physicist, I consider the matter of the veracity of String Theory to be closed. I will not take any time to learn String Theory unless I hear a clear and definite prediction that has a chance of being tested experimentally. Until then, I consider it precisely as relevant to physics as the Æther.

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"If, as it seems, Apple has had to resort to the courts to stifle competition and limit consumer choice, then it is a sad day for American innovation. That the company can do so with such impunity is an even sadder reflection of how dysfunctional the patent system in the United States has become."

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The aspect ratio of the Nepalese flag is constitutionally specified to be the least root of 243356742235044*x^4 - 1325568548812608*x^3 + 2700899847521244*x^2 - 2439951444086880*x + 824634725389225.  Which lives in Q[sqrt(59-24*sqrt(2))].
They say it with Euclidean constructive geometry:
The Most Mathematical Flag - Numberphile
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