4th Nov 2017 -- just before EXO5 Osaka Anomaly.
Unofficial Ingress Investigation Community "Project LYCAEUM" were able to do exclusive interview with P.A. Chapeau who author of Investigate: Ingress ( http://investigate.ingress.com/ ).

We have published this unedited edition before for the purpose of speedy reporting
This time, we made a new edited version more watchable.
Please see by all means.

*Unedited edition: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZmwQ_Qg3sbTlhAJdS5ikh2TXLQLUgso5

We realized with the cooperation of many people including those follows.
We appreciate you very much.

P.A. Chapeau a.k.a. +H. Richard Loeb
-- who accepted the interview pleasantly,

Niantic staffs
+Masashi Kawashima,
+Kento Suga,
+Chiaki Narusawa,
Scot Frank,
and everyone else,
-- who coordinated Anomaly and interview with PAC,

Rakuda-ya: https://ameblo.jp/coffee-rakudaya/
-- who provided the place,

-- who cooperated with the interview,

madderColor +이영주
-- who accompanied us,

+Gerald Wolf
-- who made transcriptions.


+EXO5Osaka Interview Team

Leader, Interviewer: +YutoRaion
Coordinator, Cameraman: tabineco
Cameraman, Photographer, Video editor: +Tadashi Namizaki
Question coordinator, Translator: +MailEater, +後日明

Many Investigators in Operation: Essex and Project LYCAEUM Community.

#Ingress #InvestigateIngress
#EXO5 #EXO5Osaka #AnomalyOsaka

+Ingress +Niantic Project
+flint dille +Operation Essex +Edgar Allan Wright
2017年 11月4日 EXO5大阪アノマリー、直前。
Ingressストーリー調査コミュニティ(非公式) Project LYCAEUM は、Investigate: Ingress ( http://investigate.ingress.com/ ) 執筆者 P.A. Chapeau 氏に独占インタビューを行う機会を得ました。


※未編集版: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZmwQ_Qg3sbTlhAJdS5ikh2TXLQLUgso5

P.A Chapeau a.k.a. +H. Richard Loeb

+Masashi Kawashima
+Kento Suga
+Chiaki Narusawa
Scot Frank

場所を提供いただいた駱駝屋様: https://ameblo.jp/coffee-rakudaya/


madderColor +이영주

+Gerald Wolf



EXO5Osaka Interview Team

リーダー・インタビュアー: +YutoRaion
コーディネーター・撮影: tabineco
撮影・編集: +Tadashi Namizaki
質問調整・翻訳・字幕: +MailEater, +後日明

Operation: Essex / Project LYCAEUM Community 調査員各位
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