The website was updated at 23:00 15th April (UTC) and we learned that a new Deaddrop will be held on Tuesday. However, for the moment we do not know "where it will be dropped".
We knew that a strange character string appeared after 2 hours and a half. At first glance it was an unknown string, but in fact it was an easy one encrypted with atbash and Base64.

Cipher detected: 2018-04-16T01:30:00Z
Decoded & shared in Essex TG: 2018-04-16T02:07:**Z

Answer and encryption are shown below. There are some typo, but they are not edited.

+Ingress +Operation Essex +Project Isthmus +Project Lycaeum +John Hanke +Edgar Allan Wright +flint dille +H. Richard Loeb #PassageToOsiris #Morpheus +Andrew Krug #ingress #MorpheusMystery +Ishira Tsubasa

Answer copied pastebin:

We are currently preparing another deaddrop. This one will be a little special however. The location will not be revealed until after the drop has been placed. We wish to observe the average response time and readiness of the Ingress community. Depending on how fast the deaddrop is retrieved and shared, we will consider giving one to three answers to the Ingredd community. In addition, if the portal the deaddrop is placed at reaches level 8 before the intel is shared, an additional question will be granted. This will observe the numbers of agents who are ready to act as a group for something that will be no advantage to their faction. You are to place the drop as you are very familiar with the city.
- Theta
Come on, I just got my sleep rhythm back in place and you want me to travel again?
- Pi
- Theta
- Pi
// EOF //


Cipher: 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