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I was going to use the lenses from this toy, to use on my 3d print, but it turns out the toy works just fine with the back removed!
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I hope Toys R Us aren't sold out, already. Great idea. Looking for one this morning. :)
It seems that would cut out to much of the screen
Ahh just bought one of these, can't wait till I can try it
Got one in Staten Island a black star wars one for $6.99 on sale let's see if this works...lol
It worked! On my galaxy note 3. It's cropped but who cares. You move around in it so you don't miss a thing it's a 360 degree surrounding image..I made a VR set yesterday and I bought Google cardboard on ebay. But if I knew this 2 days ago...I would of saved my money and time..Thanks Yusuf for $6.99 I got a very small VR head set...
Well done! You may have a better FOV by using the lenses with cardboard (need to be tested of course)
Just did mine using the same thing haha!! 
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