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Yury Chelomin
I was not born in Texas, but I got there as soon as I could
I was not born in Texas, but I got there as soon as I could

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Hey guys, could someone please help me? I'm picking up on Kotlin for just a few days now and although the language itself seems to be a huge leap ahead of Java and particularly useful in Android development, I still don't quite understand the Java interoperability aspect of it. I know, there's an article on this topic here: but I don't see an answer for my trouble.

So... Let's take a look at one of the statements for initializing Facebook SDK, in Java it looks like:
callbackManager = CallbackManager.Factory.create()

and CallbackManager is defined as:
public interface CallbackManager {
    boolean onActivityResult(int var1, int var2, Intent var3);

    public static class Factory {
        public Factory() {

        public static CallbackManager create() {
            return new CallbackManagerImpl();

Intuitively (or as per Java->Kotlin converter) the respective call in Kotlin should look exactly the same as in Java:
callbackManager = CallbackManager.Factory.create()

The problem is, this code compiles perfectly but crashes in runtime:
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No static method access$setCallbackManager$1(Lcom/xxx/RU$Companion;Lcom/facebook/CallbackManager;)V in class Lcom/xxx/RU$Companion; or its super classes (declaration of '$Companion' appears in /data/app/
Any ideas?
Thank you

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Dear Google and your pet #googledoodle  
You don't like 'anti-gay' laws in Russia. That's fine. But why the hell do you think it's somehow related to the Olympics? What fucking stupidity made you to quote Olympic Charter like if gays were prohibited in Sochi? Gays ARE legal in Russia, they can fuck each other whenever and however they want. And they are absolutely equal to others in therms of 'having the possibility of practicing sport' - could you have fucking checked it before posting the doodle?
Perhaps, you better close Google India - just because in THAT country homo relationships are a crime? Perhaps - just perhaps - you may remember how fine was the USA with participating in Olympics in Nazi Germany back in 1936? 
Now, Google, please do me a favor and put your #doodle back into your gay ass

Посоны (и, конечно же, диффчонки)!
Если вы обладаете разработкой под ондроед (или уверены, что сможете быстро разобраться) и хотите найти подработку на американского заказчика - свяжитесь со мной и подумайте, как и на каких условиях хотели бы работать.

Guys, does anybody know how to handle JSON objects that contain keys that are Java keywords? Everything was so perfect until today I've got a response from the web service like that:


To handle it I would normally create a class like this:
public class Response {
public String default;
public String public;
public String private;

But this way my IDE laughs louder than me :)

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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Какую прекрасную очепятку можно допустить, объявляя переменную:

pubic long hair;
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