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Yuri Shevchouk
Hey there, nice to meet you, if I look interesting follow me or shoot me an email. :) Cheers
Hey there, nice to meet you, if I look interesting follow me or shoot me an email. :) Cheers

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+Dimitrios Alexis That the best AirBnb I found near the hotel, it has shuttle to the hotel (1888 Cad) for the whole week can be 472$ Cad if 4ppl.

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Earn coins by simple tasks and then redeem to get gift cards! Sounds cool, huh? Use my referral code: cf3cf26 to get 20 bonus coins. #boomgift

36 on #crossyroad. My top is 82.

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funniest s**t ever!

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amazing product!!
Cryptosteel Indiegogo Crowdfunding Last Call & Giveaway
Only 24hrs for the campaign deadline closing. Check the last call special offer  (For Giveaway, keep reading)

Cryptosteel: The Ultimate Cold Storage Bitcoin Wallet
There is no better way to keep a Bitcoin wallet private key safe from hacking of any kind than to have it offline and in physical form.  But it is even better if you can also have it safe from getting destroyed by accident. The very best if you can also be sure you can hide it anywhere without worry it will wear down no matter what. And that is what Cryptosteel is all about. How does that work is self-explanatory just by looking at it. And from the first time I looked at it, I liked it.

Now I am lucky to have Wojciech Stopinski doing a promo campaign for it in THE G+ Bitcoin Community. But someone else can get lucky and win one Cryptosteel for free. The only thing you need to do is reshare this post, 1+ it and comment with your interest to have one. For extra points on showing you are really interested you only have to retweet this tweet too. Winner will be announced next week.

#Bitcoin   #Cryptocurrency   #BTC
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