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Something very disturbing happened today.  The Anazktek did a Ghost dance today and did not seem to see or acknowledge me.  It was as if I were the corpse.  Quite obviously, I am very much alive or I would not be communicating this, but I find it unnerving to be mourned while I’m still alive.  
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Perhaps to them, you're as good as dead with the imminent arrival of the N'zeer? Or perhaps when the N'zeer ingress the minds of their host, we will be like living zombies?
I still wonder if there are entirely of our earth. They may see someone you don't.
Death as a rebirth ?
"The Anazktek did a Ghost dance today (...)" So it lasted only a day? Or was it just a part of it? I wonder... 
Your mind could have been assimilated (borg) by ADA, you may notice that your face feels like a camera.... and pooping is no longer fun.
Seems to be data coming out the mouth of the mask. Sound file?
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