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I got an Update for Revue!
This update supports google play movies, tv and music.
But.. why should this big update file?
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Mine didn't even say that 
So what do you think of the movie quality 
+abel hall hmm.. well, it's same as tablet version. Video quality? Just fine.
Solve this update the Google Play Store problem? Could you please say some version of System from Settings - About?
+Daniel Spurný yes it is. Currently working pretty well, but TV version of Play Store is GONE. now you can see tablet layout.
It's damn inconvenient for TV.
no update here, but that gives hope that I can use play store again soonish
Here in Czech Republic no update. Yunsu do you perform some magic to initiate update? Or it arrive alone? And android version is still 3.2?
+Daniel Spurný I'm lives in South Korea.
I tried "clear data" google service framework few times, but it didn't works.
I got update this Morning without any magical action.
And version is still 3.2.
as you know, Revue is discontinued.
So, Android version update will not comes to our device.
Thank you for your answers. :-) Last question i promise :-). Could you write me build number? 
The build number is the most important part. Most Revues are already at 3.2 Some Revues, one of mine included, did not pick up the update to build b70199 several months ago. 
I have revue too an i can not get the update actually since 1 week i cannot access to google play :( im on mexico do you know if exist any rextriction?
I posted a link to the Play store app that I used to sideload. There should be no restrictions on the update but it may take a few days. You may still be able to install apps to the Revue from the Play Store website. 
Still no update here and can't install anything from the Play store...kinda screwed until I get the system update.
I zarthan thanks for your help but now i cannot install the apk i remove also the flag to be able to install externall and still say that cannot open file do you know if we missed something ?
I wish my tablet would update to key lime pie
I'm not sure what version you're waiting for, but I did this little trick to help get the 3.2 update. Go to settings-manage applications-google services framework - force stop - clear cache - then reboot, and check for updates. Hope this helps
+Rick Birkett That process didn't work for many people. We had one Revue that updated a couple of months ago but the other one didn't. No amount of force stopping, cache clearing using all the posted fixes worked. It wasn't until the Play Store stopped working that Logitech fixed something in the last day or so. I did FC framework an hour  ago and did finally get the b70199 build with the new Play store app.
The update has really worked well for me.  The Movie / TV app sometimes has streaming issue but it's easy to blame the hardware instead of the app.  

The new store has been great to use.  I've already become more comfortable buying access to shows.  And dangit, now I'm hooked on Suits.
+Matthew Drake updates usually get spread across multiple weeks. You can try going into the app list, clearing data and force closing several apps. Google Framework is one but I closed several others as well. There is a post on the Logitech forum with more details. 
Wow update is here. After Google Framework FC and update check.... ;)
what I really like about this update is the option to update all apps with one click - was a pain with the old version - but the layout is not really what they teached us for TV ..
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