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Yuneec Q500 H920 Drones Qudrocopter EGO community forum
Yuneec Q500 H920 Drones Qudrocopter EGO community forum

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Have you seen the review of the HiTec X2 Dual Charger?

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v1.07 for tyhe Q500, Q500+, Q500 4K and Q500 G has been released a couple of days ago.

- Go Home Improved: Incase of loss of signal, Typhoon will return to home and remain in a hover until the signal is regained. Typhoon will land if the voltage is below 10.7 volts for a consecutive 3 seconds if the signal is not acquired.

- Improved GPS performance
- Improved Typhoon performance in wind
- Increased Angle Mode speed to 17mph
- Increased Follow Me and Watch Me speed to 22mph
- Improved landing characteristics
- Wizard connectivity

(Date: 10/26/2015)

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Yuneec is releasing firmware update 1.07 soon with the following updates:

- Increase the topspeed to 18 mph
- Increase follow me mode speed to 22 mph
- Improved auto landing, less hops (ground effects)

Server migration is done. We relocated the server from Europe to the US since more then 50% of the users are based in the US.

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I just reopened the Quadcopter hoodie because of people asking me to reprint them.

Getting tired of everyone disrupting you and asking all those questions while flying with your quadrocopter?

Get this shirt and wear it every time you go out flying.

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Official release today, the Latest Firmware Check website. Check it out @

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Not sure if you have the latest firmware yet, easy way to check it out @

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ST10 FIRMWARE B41C released last week (07/14/2015)

- Add Follow Me/Watch Me button
- Add CGO2+ camera audio switch
- Improved Mode and GPS status

Must use with Aircraft Firmware v1.04 or higher

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My though on the Q500 4K video Yuneec released last week vs the DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4K.
Video still comparison. I will do a side-by-side comparison when the Q500 4K has been released.

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For anyone interested why Yuneec decided to push back the release of the Q500 4k, I suggest you to read this article in collaboration with Luck 7 Drones.

Basically they are releasing the Q500 4K with new software to ensure a better flight experience.
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