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Somehow I have doing this.., but it is OK, part of learn..

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Lets join, For Indonesia, For Indonesian..

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Very useful.. 
How to Inner Join three tables in SQL Query
Some times joining more than two tables is tricky for beginners be it INNER Join or OUTER Join or MySQL or any other database. This tutorial attempts to help to formulate How to join multiple tables in single SQL query.

#MySQL   #SQL   #oracle  

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F***Ing awesome.. Hilarious... 

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Cool event 
Yeay! GDG DevFest 2013 will be coming up!!

Here's the #designs  for #GDG #DevFest season 2013 from Indonesia! 

+1 this original post at +GDG Jakarta  if you like it, and we'll be grateful if you reshare this information with your friends :)

More +1 means more chances to see them in REAL.

#gdg   #devfest #designs  

thanks to +Alexander Augusta  for these SUPER COOL designs :D
[DESIGN] GDG DevFest 2013
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Gratis WIFI Hotspots und Internetcafés in Berlin - eine Auswahl findet Ihr hier.

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This what I called Truly Engineering.. 
The Smartphone Bicycle - Safety protocols say to keep both hands on the handlebars but they also say use hand gestures to signal turn intention. Contradiction! The Ecodrive has integrated lights and turn signals controlled via the handlebars. And no concept is complete without some form of smartphone integration so this little guy has a nice cubby hole for the iPhone. Keeps it charged and in return, the iPhone gives you access to its magical GPS and navigation abilities. It’s animal symbiosis people.Designer: Juil Kim
+Interesting Engineering

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Good 2 Know... E=mc² is Incomplete..
Did you know that E=mc² is Incomplete? New MinutePhysics video explaining why!
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